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Benefits of Tubing Mascara for long lashes

Mar 08, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Benefits of Tubing Mascara for long lashes

The Internet is buzzing with a wide range of tubing mascara globally. If you are familiar with different mascara formulas like waterproof or smudge-proof mascara, it's time to indulge in tubing mascara with enhancing 3D effects. Yes, we are talking about 3D- mascaras which are also called Tubing Mascaras creating trending waves these days. 

What is Tubing Mascara?

Tubing Mascara contains 3D fibers along with polymer that helps coat the eyelashes to make them look thicker and fuller. They can be directly used for pigmenting lashes. Tubing mascaras are becoming popular these days among many women.

Benefits of Tubing Mascara

The benefits of the Tubing Mascara are as follows- 

  • Natural-looking
  • Ultra-lengthening effect
  • Smudge-proof
  • Long-wearing formula
  • Excellent curl-holding effects

How to know if I am using Tubing Mascara?

It is essential to know whether you are using the right kind of tubing mascaras based on the following factors-

Check the ingredients of the Tubing Mascara

To figure out if mascara is a tubing formula, it is essential to check the ingredients on the packaging. If you find polymers or 3D fibers as one of the ingredients in your tubing mascara, you are on the right track with us.

Spot out raccoon eyes

Choose smudge-proof and water-proof mascara to avoid raccoon eyes. Ensure to check good consistency for even and smooth application of raccoon eyes.

Look out for base ingredient

It is important to check out the arsenal content in the tubing mascara. Choose natural beeswax as the main ingredient in your eyelash mascara

Choosing the best eyelash tubing mascara can be a game-changer for dramatic eyes.

Why should I choose tubing mascara instead of normal eyelash mascara?

Eyelash tubing mascara contains polymers that help in enhancing and giving a lengthening effect to the eyelashes. They are superior in quality as compared to normal eyelash mascara. They have long-lasting and flexible-wearing effects which do not smudge or flake.

Which are the 6 major ingredients in tubing mascara?

The three major ingredients in tubing mascara are as follows- 

  1. Natural pigment derived from iron oxides
  2. Natural polymers form a thin film to coat lashes
  3. Thickening waxes such as carnauba wax or candelilla wax
  4. Natural wax and oils like castor oil and lanolin
  5. Natural paraffin and petroleum for high molecular mass lipids
  6. Mineral oil-free elements 

Tubing mascara is actually quite simple to use. Let us check out how to use tubing mascara correctly to make the most out of it.

How to use tubing mascara?

Using tubing mascara can be very challenging. It is more than just sweeping any mascara onto your lashes. The process isn’t exactly the same. If you want to gain lash-lengthening dramatic eyes, follow these simple steps which can completely change your eye looks.

Step 1: Clean your eyelashes

It is important to clean your eyelashes before you start with the application of any eyelash mascara. Use a gentle cleanser or micellar water or simply splash some water on your face to cleanse your eyelashes normally.

Step 2: Eyelash nourisher for base coat

You can also use an eyelash nourisher in the form of eyelash oil or eyelash serum which helps in providing a base coat to the eyes. Using a natural eyelash serum works best to strengthen the eyelash and help prevent breakage. Waiting for 30 seconds for better absorption of eyelash serum works best to follow up on other steps.

Step 2: Curl your eyelashes

This is the first prep-up phase to curl your eyelashes before you start with the application of the tubing mascara. Take an eyelash curler and place it at the base of the eyelashes. You can press down gently to curl them slowly.

Step 3: Follow up with ultra-lengthening tubing mascara

Apply one or two layers of tubing mascara with polymers for 3D dramatic eyes post-curling. It is important to cover every bit and corner of eyelashes post any eyelash nourisher. This will help in preventing smudging or flaking. 

The volumizing tubing mascara formula helps in giving a dramatic look to the eyes. So, get your hands on the tubing mascara with 3D effects and polymers for beautiful eyes.