Beginners Guide to Eyebrow Shaping; Tips and Tricks – SavarnasMantra

Beginners Guide to Eyebrow Shaping; Tips and Tricks

Jul 07, 2021

arun pratap

Beginners Guide to Eyebrow Shaping; Tips and Tricks - SavarnasMantra

Struggling to get your eyebrows done? Bushy brows are always attractive yet challenging to style at times. The fact is that not all are a fan of thick eyebrows. Instead, most people love to shape their eyebrows that suit their face. The best thing about eyebrows is that you can quickly adapt any eyebrow shaping methods like trimming, tweezing or waxing to get the desired shape and style. Perfect brows are no doubt a result of regular grooming and proper makeup routines. To get the scoop on shaping your eyebrows like a pro, I have collected some great tips and tricks from various professionals and brow experts to share with you.

Have you ever tried tweezing your eyebrows at home? There are times where you can't reach out to your salons or brow artists to shape your eyebrows. This is where we all end up giving it a try. Shaping your brows is not rocket science-knowing the correct techniques with some fantastic tools, things can turn out effortless with remarkable results. So let's get started;

Shop Quality Eyebrow Grooming Tools:

 Be in a salon or at home; the right tools are the basics of perfect eyebrow shape. Nothing much -Let's have a glance at the tools required:

  • Good quality brow pencils 
  • Tweezers with a slant tip and a perfect grip
  • Sharp brow scissors with straight blades
  • Specially crafted eyebrow brush
  • Excellent quality brow gel or eyebrow powder

Tips to Follow Before Grooming Your Eyebrows:

 Perfect eyebrows shape your whole face. Finding the ideal shape and determining the arches says it all. To help you out, I can provide some great eyebrow shaping tips that can be followed before getting into the tweezing process. Readout;

 Set a place with proper lighting: It's equally important to have adequate lighting and adequate tools. Choose the most lit area of your home or a place where you get ample natural light. This will help you to find even the tiniest hairs that are out of track.

Avoid using magnifying mirrors: You may find it easy and comfortable to use magnifying mirrors; but actually, it's the worst that you can do. These mirrors are found misleading; they show more hair follicles than you have, and you end over plucking the eyebrows losing their shape.

 Best to tweeze after the shower: As we all know, tweezing can be quite a painful process, but to avoid this, you may try tweezing immediately after taking a hot shower. The follicles open up during the warm shower and so it can be easily tweezed out hence reducing pain.

 Determine the shape of the brows: The real challenge in eyebrow shaping is finding out the arches, beginning and end. A simple technique to find out the ends with your tweezers is provided below.

 Ensure to fill in the spare areas:  Once done tweezing, fill them up with a good quality eyebrow powder if there is any sparse area. One thing to keep in mind is to choose the brow powder color that compliments your brows.

 Follow the direction of your hair growth while tweezing: tweezing in the direction of the hair growth helps in finding out the hair strands easily and thereby makes it easy to remove the hairs that are out of the way.

 Step by Step Eyebrow Shaping Guide to Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly:

 Step: 1

Brush Your Brows:

 Let's follow the order; start by brushing your eyebrows. Then, using your eyebrow brush, gently brush the hairs up. It will help you find out the length of the strands and the sparse areas that require filling.

 Step: 2

Let's Trim It:

 This step can be a bit scary for those using scissors on their eyebrows for the first time. But nothing is impossible; you have to trim the front portion of the brow following a downward angle. 

To be more precise, all you have to do is hold the brush in one hand and the scissors in the other. Whiling brushing the brows, you will get to know the long ones and cut them easily with the scissors without much struggle. While trimming, make sure that you trim only the lengthiest hair and don't overdo it. 

If your hairs aren't coming in your way, you may apply a little bit of eyebrow gel; this can make the task easier for you.

 Step: 3 

Time to Tweeze:

 Now look for the alignment and shape you require; once done, remove the hairs out of line. Next, using your tweezers, find out the alignment of the top and bottom. The front part of your brows should be perfect as they define your brows. 

My brow expert once told people that people are more concerned about the arch of the brows, but how it starts makes an impression-if they are crooked in the front; it looks strange. 

 The technique to find out the end of your brow is quite simple; place one end of your tweezers near the corner of your eye and the other end slanting diagonally towards the tip of your nose.

 A tip to remember while removing the hairs is don't remove too many hairs from the area as they are already thin and may disappear. 

 Now while making the arch, hold the skin and stretch a bit, and slowly remove the hairs that are out of place. Once it's done, take a look at the brows and remove the hairs that seem out of place.

 Step: 4

Let's Make It Bright:

 You may use an eyebrow razor across the forehead area and the temples to clear the area and give a brighter look.

 Step: 5 

Fill them up and Set them:

 The last step is to give your brows a perfect and fuller look. You may use eyebrow powders or pencils to fill your brows to get your desired shape and set it with an eyebrow gel. That's it; you are good to go.

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