Add Sparkle To Your Brows – SavarnasMantra

Add Sparkle To Your Brows

Oct 04, 2018

Dan Singh

Add Sparkle To Your Brows - SavarnasMantra

Why should you use a good brow powder over any in the market?

  • They fill in brows uniformly, unlike the regular ones that do not bring perfection to the skin
  • They give a polished look to the brows
  • They tame your brow hair well
  • They easily get blend with the eyebrows. The ordinary ones are visible as makeup on your skin.

With these benefits to talk about, you should certainly opt for eyebrow powder that will certainly prove itself head and shoulders above any other brow powder available in the market. This is because of the following characteristics of Savarnas Mantra® Moonstone Eyebrow powder:

  • Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Powder is water resistant.
  • It has no mineral oil added to it, therefore it will not harm your brow hair.
  • The brow powder will give your brows a soft finish look.
  • The moonstone shade is rarely found in eyebrow powder.
  • This moonstone shade is not too light.
  • The shade has a hint of glitter and a slight sparkle to your brows.
  • The shade gives a soft black base to the brows.

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