Wow With Lush Brown Brow Powder – SavarnasMantra

Wow With Lush Brown Brow Powder

Oct 04, 2018

Dan Singh

Wow With Lush Brown Brow Powder - SavarnasMantra

We all love those perfect eyebrows and wish for ones that are properly tamed with no eyebrow hair out of its place. But do you know which shape of the brow suits your face type?

  • In case of a Round face, you can slim it down with angled arches and longer ends. This will add a bit of dimension to your face and make it appear oval.
  • If you have an Oval face,which aestheticians believe to be the perfect face shape, you should opt for thicker brows. It will complement your high forehead, large eyes and lips.
  • If you have smaller face, then you should opt for slimmer and less arched eyebrows.
  • If you have a Heart shaped face, then you should go for soft, but rounded arch. This will complement the sharp angles of your face. Go for soft rounded brows with natural colours.
  • The Square faced, you can give it a softer look by adding angle to the peak of these brows. This will create an illusion of a longer and narrower face.
  • If you have an Oblong face, and you would want to achieve a fuller effect then you should pay attention to where your brow ends.
  • For women with Diamond shaped face, it is not recommended to raise the arches of the eyebrows. Raised eyebrows would give an exaggerated face length. You should go for flat brow shape!!
So gals, buy Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Powder to give your face a complete look. Read which type of brow shape would suit your face and give your face a perfect look!! You can chose from a range of eyebrow powder shades that Savarnas Mantra® has to offer. We have a Eyebrow Powder Medium Brown that will complement your light brownish hair color. So buy from a range of Savarnas Mantra® eyebrow powders and use it as a makeup for upscale and sophisticated occasions!