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Best Brow Gels

Aug 31, 2018

Savarnas Mantra

Best Brow Gels - SavarnasMantra

To say eyebrows are important would be an understatement. The brows are an inevitable part of your personality. They need to look proper and tamed. There shouldn’t be any brow area that is left sparse. Neither the brow hair should be messy and running all around. Eyebrow gel is one of the best ways to tame your brows. If you use it aesthetically, the brow gel gives a fuller and more groomed look. Brow gels are perfect to hold and set your brows in place all day long. The brow gels frame your face and make you look completely sorted and ready. The brow gels give your look that oomph factor!! The brow gel is paramount than any sort of brow pencils or eyebrow powders.

Moreover, with full brows trending among the fashionistas, there is quite a lot of emphasis on the products like brow gels that thicken the appearance of the brows.

How to use brow gel in a fine manner?

For basic grooming, use brow gel and brush your brows upwards and out. For best results, you should use a brow powder to give small hair like strokes in the direction the brow hair grows. Then use the brow gel for a clean and well defined perfect look.

You can choose for yourself from among the range of brow gels at Savarnas Mantra. We have developed three brow gels- clear, dark brown and taupe.

These brow gels have Vitamin B5 that helps in promoting the health of brow hair. Also known as panthenol, this vitamin serves as a humectant. It attracts and retains water. It reduces the amount of water lost.

Savarnas Mantra® Brow Gels

Buy Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Gel that give 100% styling & finishing to the brows. It conditions the brows and makes sure that the brows do not flake or look gummy when they are dry. The brow gel ensures strong hold and lasts all day. The Pro vitamin B5 added in them is beneficial for hair health.

The clear gel: This gel will just hold your brow hair in place. It will give a polished look to the brow hair. Since this brow gel is colorless, you can use it with all skin complexions, skin tones and hair color. The clear brow gel will give the brows a thicker and fuller appearance. 

Dark Eyebrow Gel : this shade is perfect for those with medium brown to black hair color. This color complements a wide range of hair color and complexion.

Taupe Eyebrow Gel : this is the ideal color to fill the eyebrows for our blonde customers.

Buy Now these brow gels that are made in the USA, for that last brow enhancing ritual and set yourself for the day!!