A Complete Guide to Cleansing the Face – SavarnasMantra

A Complete Guide to Cleansing the Face

Dec 14, 2021

Dan Singh

A Complete Guide to Cleansing the Face - SavarnasMantra

When we think of our skin, we always want the best- without any skin problems. But, most often, the effort we put in to keep them healthy and glowing is quite less. Our skin doesn't demand much, but definitely, it requires a little more to be free from skin problems. We all are very sure about the importance of cleansing the skin and keeping it free from skin problems. And so, we need to give utter importance to this process to ensure that skin is wholly free from impurities and oil. Are you doing it right? If you still have a doubt about the correct method of cleansing, scroll down to discover the most effective way of cleansing the face.  

It all starts with cleansing:

 The first task is to cleanse the face well, whether to commence the skincare regimen or apply makeup to the face. Cleansing the face is, in fact, the first and the most crucial step for the skin. If it's done well, you can prevent skin problems to a great extent. Despite being a simple process, there are still many who make many mistakes while cleansing the skin. Yes, it was reported in a survey that more than 80% of the people make silly mistakes while cleansing the face and surprising many even skip the cleansing process before bedtime.  

Benefits of cleansing if done well: 

If you follow the proper method and use the perfect products, cleansing can provide your skin with numerous benefits. Keeping the skin free from impurities and excess oil can prevent acne, breakouts, and other issues caused due to them. Furthermore, if you cleanse it well, the dry and dead skin cells are taken off from the skin, which is one of the causes of dull-looking skin. Hence cleansing the skin well can gift you radiant skin. Lastly, proper cleansing can enhance the overall appearance of your skin by improving its texture, tone, and elasticity.

 Do not overdo it 

Another repeated mistake that most of us make is overwashing the face-this will harm the skin than good. The main aftermath of overwashing the face is that, it makes the skin dry. At times, it also shows some indications like rashes and reddishness to hint that you are overwashing it.  

Similarly, over washing the skin can lead to excess oil production. Does this sound Greek? But, yes, the excessive cleansing could strip the moisture of your face, and this causes it to produce excess oil to restock it, resulting in skin problems. 

Essentials required for doing it right 

To make the skincare regimen effective, you need the right and the best products. The same is applicable for cleansing the skin perfectly. A gentle facial cleanser with rich formula is a requisite- a cleanser preferably with no harmful chemicals. Using a natural face cleanser can significantly help eliminate all impurities, keep them hydrated; deliver vital nutrients, and much more.  

Let's head to cleansing the face; 

  • Wash and Wash:

Though your hands look neat and clean, there can be some sort of bacteria remaining on your hands. If you touch the face with them, it can create unwanted skin problems. So, wash your hands properly before you touch the skin. Now using lukewarm water wash the face. (Avoid using hot water or cold water to wash your face) 

  • Time to Grab Your Cleanser:

Take a small quantity of facial cleanser and gently rub the hands together to foam them slightly. Now you may apply it to your cheeks, forehead, chin, jawline, and neck. Here comes the most crucial step, gently massage them in a circular motion for a good thirty seconds rather than rushing to wash them off from the skin. Similarly, avoid rubbing it hard; keep in mind that rubbing barely removes that stubborn dirt; instead, it can badly hurt or damage your skin. 

  • Rinse it off:

Using lukewarm water, wash the face well. Wash it thoroughly and confirm that no residues are left on the skin.  

  • Pat, Pat, and Pat;

 Using a dry, soft, and clean towel, gently pat dry your skin. The same rule of avoiding harsh rubbing is applicable here as well.  

  • Dab a moisturizer:

When the cleansing process is over, it's always good to moisturize your skin when it’s still damp. Applying the moisturizer to the damp skin will hasten the absorption process procuring the best out of potent ingredients. 

Now that you are clear of the cleansing process, all you need is a gentle cleansing formula to eliminate those tough dirt and grime from the skin. 

Savarnas Mantra® offers three excellent natural cleansers infused with nature’s best ingredients. Our facial cleansers are well-crafted to cleanse, soothe and comfort the skin. The natural cleansers provide deep cleansing without troubling the moisture balance. 

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Rose Cleanser is made with the goodness of rose hip seed oil to offer thorough cleansing to the skin and supply the essential nutrients required for the skin to stay healthy. 

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Wheat Cleanser possesses a unique formula tailor-made with soothing ingredients to cleanse and soothe the skin deeply. You can experience that the skin's texture is improving through consistent usage. 

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Wheat Germ Cleanser is infused with wheat germ oil to revitalize the skin and keep them free from dirt and impurities. Additionally, it also aids in stimulating cell functioning. The cleansers are excellent to soothe and calm irritation on the skin.