90s Beauty Trends that Are Making a Comeback in 2022 – SavarnasMantra

90s Beauty Trends that Are Making a Comeback in 2022

May 13, 2022

Rini Jose

90s Beauty Trends that Are Making a Comeback in 2022 - SavarnasMantra

As the proverb says, "what goes around comes around" it is going to be true with 90s beauty trends. If you're a lover of the beauty trends of those times, it looks like you're in for a treat. It was indeed an iconic decade for beauty and fashion, indeed an inspiration for many of today's hottest trends. Back in the 1990s, we were all about dark-lined lips or thin eyebrows, matching glittery eye shadows, and much more to recall. Not only fashion but music and art also owe a lot to this beautiful era. The good news is that these beauty trends are all set to make a comeback in 2022! Read on to discover the beauty trends that you will see for this decade. 


The eyebrow trends are something that keeps on changing; currently, it is all about thick and natural-looking brows. But the 90s followed a different one- thin eyebrows were in; to be more precise, the skinny brow trend is making a comeback. So if you are someone who loves those thick brows, get ready to try something new to go with the trend. We'd recommend seeking help from a professional rather than trying it yourself- let us sculpt it perfectly! 


It was the time of eyeshadows

The 90s focused a lot on eye shadow when it comes to eye makeup. The trend of those times revolved around creating different eye makeup looks- glittery and shining eyes, metallic greys, blues, and purples were in. For those who love glitter over the eyes, it's fine. But for those who don't, just scroll through social media; you'll get to know; it's time to glitter stronger! Cheer up! Let's be ready to welcome the shimmer season again. 

Smudged eye enhanced the look:

To create beautifully defined eyes, you don't need a lot of products; an eyeshadow brush and a pencil liner are just fine to create the Smokey eye look- indeed, the most admired one in the 90s.  


90s makeup didn't ignore lashes; it was something different and unique, yes; we're talking about the "spider lashes." Though there weren't many fans for this particular makeup look, this trend gained much popularity and now it's in with the trends that are making a comeback in 2022. 


Moving on to the lips, there were different trends followed in the 90s, among which some of them are already in; let's take a glance; 

Those dark lips are coming back!

Before the era of pink and nude lipsticks was the time of dark browns and matte red; happy that those hot and darker lips are going to be the trendsetter for the coming years. Few celebrities, including Gigi Hadid, have already started following the trends of Britney Spears. 

Comes the time of glossy lips:

Back in the 90s, glossy lips with dark liners were loved by all, and it's pretty sure that most of us would've already tried it too. Here comes the time for those who love those glossy lips, but now it's gonna be simply perfect with the best products that excel in quality. Lip glosses come in different forms-clear, pigmented, flavored with multiple specializations leaving you chaotic to pick the perfect one.  

Decide on whether to go with a bold look or to clinch on to the glossy lips that are perfectly lined. 


Looking into the trends of 90s face makeup; we've quite a lot to try out. 

Skin with a matte look:

We all love creating a dewy makeup look, and this trend has been in for quite some time now. But, in the 90s, skin with a matte finish look was all the rage. This simple yet the most followed makeup look can be easily created using a matte foundation, with some pink or peachy blush and soft eye makeup to complete the perfect matte look. 

Glowing skin 

No matter what the trend is, the ultimate aim behind makeup is to make the skin look glowing. 

That sunkissed glow is ever a craze for any woman. It is easy to redo it now, using the most loved makeup product- highlighters. 

Minimal makeup look

The concept of "less is more" was followed in the 90s as well. So what makes the look?- a dewy base followed by glossy lips and fluttery lashes gives a naturally dewy look- to be more precise, a bare makeup look; is the term that suits best. 


Big bangs are making a comeback:

It's not just makeup, but the popular haircuts of the 90s, especially the big bang or Curtain bangs, are also back. Surprisingly, few celebs have already tried it by now. For some, this style can be a childhood memory; whatever, the trend will be back soon, maybe those who haven't tried it yet, can give it a shot.  

Closing Thoughts:

The makeup trends are ever-changing; the choice is yours whether to go with the flow or follow your regular makeup routine. But trying something different or new is fun and challenging. So, get ready with your glitter eye shadow palettes and dark lipsticks to welcome the most loved makeup trends of the 90s.