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12 Beauty Hacks You Must Know

Oct 05, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

12 Beauty Hacks You Must Know

Want to make skincare and beauty easier in life? Add some beauty hacks to your daily life for simple, quick, and hassle-free skincare solutions. A beauty hack is very beneficial for everyday life. It is a time saver and one of the best ON-THE- GO Solutions. There are endless solutions for skin care but the point is to choose the best. In this context, we have rounded up the 12 best beauty hacks that you must know.

12 Beauty Hacks For Healthy Skin

Here are some best beauty hacks which you must know.

1.     Sanitize Everything 

Ensure to sanitize your sunglasses, and prescription glasses, and do not forget mobile phones as well. This is a must for people who are prone to breakouts and acne. Handling clean and bacterial-free devices can help prevent acne flare-ups.

2.   Get natural beauty for your eyes

Give up on eyeliner today! Explore the real beauty of your eyes by focusing on your brows and lashes. Get real with natural lash mascara, eyebrow oil, eyelash serum, and brow gels to enhance the internal beauty of your eyes.

3.   Achieve Bright Glowing Skin

Want a subtle natural sheen to the skin? Choose a natural moisturizer and mix some highlighter for a quick and easy solution to glow up your skin instantly. Let us not forget the benefits of natural moisturization which will add a beautiful glow to the skin. The glistening effect for the skin will be more beneficial with botanical extracts of natural moisturizer. 

4.   Flip the pillow for beautiful skin

Change pillowcases regularly. Are you too lazy to do so? Well, a simple solution is to change the side of the pillow each night and then flip the pillow accordingly. But, make sure to change your pillowcases every alternate day.

5.   Say “No” too puffy eyes

Dealing with puffy eyes can be easier now. Simply apply some cooling under-eye serum or gel. Ensure to refrigerate it always. This will eliminate the puffiness around the eyes. Using some refrigerated aloe vera gel can also work wonders for under-eye skin. An under-eye restorative and repairing serum is the best option. This works round the clock to keep the skin around the eyes hydrated.

6.   Out-of-dry shampoo

Are you out of dry shampoo? Get hold of some baby powder which will do the trick. Let it sit for a few minutes and allow it to absorb the oil. Then, rub it around gently to get rid of chalkiness.

7.   Get natural lush brows

For extra bushy brow effect naturally, apply brow gel from the tail inward first, then reapply from inner eye to tail. This gives volume to your brows and an illusion of thickness. Grab a hold of tinted brow gel for a more pronounced effect naturally. Choose brow gel with Vitamin E essential extracts which will boost brow growth.

8.   Natural makeup remover for perfect cleanse

Looking for an all-natural makeup cleanser or remover? Choose natural makeup remover with botanical extracts which will effectively remove all the traces of makeup with a cleansing effect as well. This is great for sensitive skin too.

9.   Dazzle a perfect smile and keep fine lines near the corners of lips at bay

Are fine lines a cause of concern around the mouth and lips? Time to dab extra moisturization with under-eye cream. Ensure to use natural moisturizer near the lip and corners of the mouth as the skin near them is quite sensitive and thin. Remember, every time you apply under eye serum or eye cream, ensure to dab in some near the corners of the mouth. 

10. Get a glowing body with a tanned beachy effect

For tinted body lotion with punch, mix foundation of slightly dark toner than skin tone with a dollop of liquid illuminator and body lotion. Also, add some serum to lock in moisture for a dewy effect on the skin. This will cover all the imperfections and give you a shiny even-tone look. Allow it to get absorbed before dressing up.

11. Get fuller lips

LIP EXFOLIATOR OR LIP BALM- Have you tried it all? Time to add some natural lip plumper before you add a hint of gloss or lip color. Choose natural lip plumper which will enhance the look of the lips. Trust me on this- You would no longer need a lip plump procedure for a perfect pout! Here is the trick for natural lip plumper.- Choose lip plumper with peppermint essential oil which will add some tingling sensation for a naturally fuller look.    

12. Define looks with contouring

Get the lightning effect with the darker shade and the highlighter. Ensure you add a bit of both elements to catch the light. Highlight your cheekbones and darken your collar bones. Get ready to dazzle with a picture-perfect look. 

These are amazing beauty hacks that will make your life comfortable and skin beautiful too.