10 Frequently Asked Questions by Teenagers For Healthy Skin – SavarnasMantra

10 Frequently Asked Questions by Teenagers For Healthy Skin

Apr 22, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

10 Frequently Asked Questions by Teenagers For Healthy Skin - SavarnasMantra

“I am a teen,” A mantra of every teenager these days is trending. Adolescence or the teenage phase is a very tender time in one’s life. Teenagers are very sensitive to emotions and life in general. Yes, the same applies to their external features as their internal elements. The skin of teenagers is also sensitive.

As the young boys and girls enter this phase, many questions crop up in their minds,s especially in terms of their looks. The majority of us have turned to google or the internet to solve our doubts. These teenagers also do the same. With beards cropping up on faces and masculine voices, teenage boys have also many questions.

Let us not forget the girls who explore the new feminine aspect in themselves. Let us clear all the doubts and answer the most frequently asked question by teenagers to provide them with perfect solutions to healthy skin.

  • I love makeup, Can I apply it regularly and daily?

Well, makeup enhances your beauty. Being young and getting attracted to makeup is very normal. Start by using light makeup like natural lip color or eyeliner. You have to avoid using heavy makeup as this may clog your pores and also do not forget that your skin is tender now. Never forget to remove makeup every day at night with a natural makeup remover that has no side effects on the skin. Also, make sure to consult your parents and beauty experts for their guidance.

  • Which creams and moisturizers can I use for my skin?

It is advisable to use a natural moisturizer with plant-based extracts instead a conventional moisturizer which may cause side effects. Remember, your skin is tender and soft and it needs extra care. Using harsh products can cause damage to the skin barrier. Just be simple and natural. Use natural and organic products which will boost your skin health.

  • I want to have a fair complexion, Can I change my skin tone?

Well, this is a very common question for every teenager. Every teenager wants to look fair. It is advisable to go for natural products to add a glow to your skin. Remember, healthy skin is important rather than opting for a fair, wheatish, or dark complexion. Your genetics play a very important role along with hormones to give skin color. Be happy in your skin and you are just in the growing phase. The facial features and aesthetics are still developing to make you look beautiful. Be patient!!

  • Should I apply sunscreen daily?

Yes, it is important to use sunscreen when you are stepping out in sun. You can opt for other options are well like a hat, shades, glasses, and umbrella. Sunscreen having a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of more than 50 works great for the skin.

  • How can I get rid of acne forever?

Here, are the tips to get rid of acne-

  • Healthy diet
  • Regular hydration
  • Exercise
  • Sound sleep
  • De-stress
  • Regular Detox
  • Regular CTM(Cleansing, Toning & Moisturization)procedure
  • Using natural skin care products

These are the most important tips to get rid of acne permanently and forever.

  •  I love spending time in front of the mirror, is it normal?

Self-care and self-love are good signs. But, remember, being a teenager, you may have other responsibilities like studying, exercising, making a career, and making correct decisions in life. These things also need to focus on. So, balance your time properly and love yourself. It is a good idea to have some” ME - TIME” for yourself.

  •  What should I eat for healthy skin?

A healthy diet is a key to healthy skin. You have to be careful what you put in your body. Consume more healthy fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk and outside food. Drink more water and keep yourself hydrated. Keep healthy munchies around like some almonds, walnuts, and peanuts to take care of hunger pangs. Eat meals on time. Make sure to drink one glass of water every hour, so that you consume around 8 - 12 glasses of water in a day.

  • My skin is extremely dry, what should I do?

Apply a natural moisturizer with aloe leaf extract. Make sure that your moisturizer is completely natural. If your skin remains drier, include some natural skin serum like Natural Vitamin C Serum. Also, check for water intake which is very important for dry skin. 

  • Can I wax my face?

It is advisable not to wax your face until recommended. Waxing involves pulling off the skin and may cause damage to the skin. You have to be very careful in your teens and not experiment with waxing especially for the facial skin. Do not self-experiment at home too. You need the guidance of a beauty expert before your jump toward waxing at an early age.

  •  Can I get an eyebrow threading as I am a teenager?

Yes, depends on the eyebrow growth, you can get it done as long parents and beauty experts are on the same page which can benefit the teenager.

Kindly do not experiment with eyebrow threading when young on your own as your skin is in the pre-mature stage. We understand your brows during the teenager phase. Quite unruly!! You can start using some natural eyebrow gel or eyebrow nourishing oil to grow them and settle them with a brow brush. Still not happy with this!! You can use an eyebrow pencil to outline them and fill them too. Make sure to get eyebrow threading under the supervision of parents and the guidance of a beauty expert.