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Why has your skincare stopped working?

Jun 24, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Why has your skincare stopped working?

Is your AM and PM skincare routine coming to a standstill? It is time to get into action for a positive impact on your skin. A sudden spate of unhealthy skin can really throw out a wrench in the mix. This could be environmental reasons or hormonal changes which can cause this effect on your skin. Let us tell you some effective solutions and reasons why your skincare has stopped working? 

Well, let us stop playing a blame game on diet and other causes or reasons. We will tell you some genuine reasons to know why your skincare has stopped working? 

Reasons why your skincare has stopped working 

Reasons Number



Your skin is resistant to the skin care products


Your hormonal levels are fluctuating


Check for your expiry date of products


Much needed break


Too much build up or layering of products


Weather and environmental conditions

Giving up on your regular skincare routine is not the right solution. We understand that getting habituated to a skincare routine and following it is not easy. You need to be sure to maintain a healthy skin balance. If your skincare has stopped working, there is a need to analyze your skincare routine closely and check why it's suddenly not responding well. 

For some, it could be breakouts or for some, it could be just a matter of shine. It is important to look into the minute details and notice what quality of skin you are looking for and what is lacking in your skin quality. “The need of your skin” - is important and must be given top priority. 

Reason#1-Your skin is resistant to the skin care products 

Some formulations have a bunch of factors or ingredients which make you feel good with that extra sheen. Continue using products for more than 3 months to see actual results. 

Reason#2-Your hormonal levels are fluctuating 

Stress is a major factor that needs to be considered here. Your body releases “stress hormones” which are also called “cortisol” which may directly impact your body hormones or skin hormones. This may disrupt hormonal imbalance causing stress on the skin. 

Reason#3-Check for the expiry date of products 

Are you always busy round the clock? Take out some time to check the expiry date of the product. Time flies away quickly and it's difficult to stay ahead of time. If you have some favorite skincare products, and you have been stalking them, it's time to check the expiry date before you apply. 

Reason#4-Much needed break 

Your skin gets tired too of the same products daily. You have been using conventional serums and moisturizers round the clock. Give your skin a break by using natural skin care products that are lightweight formulations and easily absorbable. 

Reason#5-Too much build-up or layering of products 

Layering your skin with product build-up and not allowing it to breathe can put a halt to the effectiveness of the skincare products. Do not be in haste to complete the skincare steps in your routine. Give skin time to absorb and assimilate and make the most out of the skincare products. 

Reason#6-Weather and environmental conditions 

Changes in weather can impact your skin too. If you have changed your place or relocated, it could affect the skin. A simple weather change may also change the pH-balanced condition of the skin. 

Make sure to check out the reasons with effective solutions if your skincare has stopped working.