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Which Brow Soap Should I Choose for My Eyebrows?

Jul 14, 2023

Bhavini Desai

Which Brow Soap Should I Choose for My Eyebrows?

It seems like a good time to be alive, given how full and unruly thick brows are making waves again. And then TikTok goes and makes soap an essential in brow styling! Imagine, how bizarre it sounds. Turns out, the new brow soap trend is not as bizarre or out of line. Instead of gels and pencils, many are turning to the good ol’ bar of soap to give their brows a full, feathered look. If you have reached here searching for brow soaps and ideas on how to use them, then hang tight. We are dissecting this trend for you. 

Here’s which brow soap you should use for your eyebrows.  

The Trend

TikTok started it all. Doesn’t it always? The skinfluencers and beauty TikTokers just can’t stop experimenting with random objects in the house. Turns out, one of them tinkered with a bar of glycerin soap, scooped it on a spoolie, and used it to feather their eyebrows. Though many believe that this trend has always lived on the fringes of the beauty world, and just found its way into the mainstream through TikTok. That’s how we are here right now, talking about which brow soap to use for eyebrows.  

The Method

The OG brow soap method is simple and can be tried at home. With nothing but a clean spoolie and a bar of your favorite glycerin-based soap (preferably clear). 

  • Take a bar of clean glycerine soap in a soap tray and spritz some facial mist to dampen it. If you do not have a facial mist, you can use plain tap water. Just make sure you spray it, not drown the bar.
  • Twirl and brush your spoolie through the surface of the soap gently. Collect a thick layer of soap on the bristles. It will resemble wax. 
  • Very carefully use your spoolie to brush your eyebrows upwards and outwards. Make sure to maintain an angle, as if you are aiming towards the tips of your ears. This will create that perfect feathered brow look popular on red carpets and fashion shows. 
  • If you give it a minute or so, the soap will dry and settle your eyebrows in place. You can use your fingers to pat them down if they act up.
  • Pro Tip: Take some concealer on your finger and dab it under your feathered brows. This will pop them out instantly.  

The Look

If your eyebrows are not dense or full, you will achieve a feathered brow look that is tamed and delicate. While if you have a thick pair of eyebrows, you can even aim for that wild, bushy appearance. In case you need to add some color or definition to your eyebrows, do it beforehand. Use your favorite eyebrow gel, powder, and eyebrow pencil to put your brows on fleek. And then, as a last-step faux-laminate finish, use the brow soap.  

The Drawbacks 

You may believe that a bar of glycerin soap sitting on your counter has zero-side effects when used on the brows. Wrong. There are a few drawbacks you need to consider before you use your body soap as brow soap:

  • Body soaps lather when you sweat, making this trend a little impractical to wear in summer.
  • Body soap is also easily washed in water, so a no-no in snow or rain. 
  • Soap may have varying pH levels that don’t work well with your skin. 
  • If you let the brow soap sit for too long on your brows and wear it often, you may run the risk of extreme drying of brow hairs and skin. 
  • Dry eyebrows will inevitably result in dull, dropping, and even falling brow hairs. Without proper nourishment and hydration, it is difficult to keep your brows looking up (no pun intended). 

Which Brow Soap to Use?

A few brands have identified this beauty market need and worked to create the kind of brow soap that will be safe for the eyebrows. One of the pioneers in this group of brands is Savarnas Mantra. Savarnas Brow Soap is one of the most effective and nourishing brow soaps out there, boasting a vegan, cruelty-free formula. It is clear, imparts all-day shine, and is completely non-flaking.  

You can shop for Savarnas Brow Soap now and have it delivered free to your doorstep if you are living in one of the 48 continental states. There are Afterpay installments to avail, as well as lucrative discounts at checkout if you subscribe.