Best Cleanser For All And Every Skin Type – SavarnasMantra

Best Cleanser For All And Every Skin Type

Sep 11, 2018

Savarnas Mantra

Best Cleanser For All And Every Skin Type - SavarnasMantra

Cleansing the skin is the most primary care that we can give to our skin that fights the atmospheric stresses each day. After a day full of dirt and pollution, your skin needs good cleansing. And we suggest you to clean your face with oil!! Yes oil!! Sounds bizarre? Oil based facial cleansers have been much appreciated by the beauty experts, celebrities and skin care specialists alike.

During ancient times, when soaps were not in trend, people used to cleanse their body with oil. For instance, the ancient Romans used olive oil when they went for baths. After rubbing olive oil on their skin, they used an instrument to scrap off dirt and sweat from the skin. People have also mentioned the use of oil on face.

Arielle Nagler, a dermatologist at NYU Langone Medical Center comments: “The theory behind oil cleansers is that they’re thought to remove bad excess oil because they have similar chemical properties as skin oil, which allow them to interact. This is in contrast to washing with water, which separates from oil.” So when we rinse our face, the good oil takes away the bad oils, making the skin supple.

Oil based cleansers

The water based facial cleansers that are not oil based will leave your skin totally bare and leave it dry and often flaky. However, with the use of oil based cleansers, you can be assured that pre-existing oil that clogged pores is replaced by good oil that will keep your skin soft and moisturised.

All oils work equally?

Not all oils work in a similar manner some might leave your skin looking very oily with blocked pores, while other oils are great for the oily skin. Few natural oils have a ratio of essential fatty acids that is good for oily skin.

Trust the natural experts

You have to put in your trust on the natural experts who undertake a thorough research and make a product that is perfect for your skin type. At Savarnas Mantra®, after years of deep involvement with the natural ingredients, we have made Natural Wheat Cleanser for all types of skin, from normal to dry to oily.

 Don’t get confuse, this cleanser e doesn’t has wheat in it. Rather, it has derivatives from coconut and sunflower oils. The coconut oil is light oil that is less likely to clog pores.

Besides these, the derivatives that originate from renewable vegetable oil are often used for cleansing and protecting the skin from any harmful buildup. Simultaneously, they also reduce any irritation. Due to their calming and soothing properties, vegetable oils are perfect for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. 

A composite blend of naturally derived surfactants from coconut and sunflower oil is infused into the formula. This unique blend serves as a gentle but deep cleanser leaving the skin soft to the touch.  It eliminates the tight, dry feeling that is typically experienced with use of harsh surfactants.

When coupled with two more skin softening and deep cleansing ingredients, this cleanser leaves a very pleasurable experience of face cleansing. The two ingredients are: strawberry oil and lycopene. The strawberry oil gives the cleanser a refreshing and uplifting aroma. Lycopene, on the other hand is a carotene derived from tomatoes. It fights the free radical or environmentally stressed damage that could harm the skin throughout the day.



Excited to see so many beauty enhancing ingredients? So shop now our Natural Wheat Cleanser and enjoy the benefits of a clean and well moisturised skin!! Our products are all cruelty free, paraben free and hormone free. They are made from natural ingredients and are manufactured in the USA by a FDA-Registered Facility. It is manufactured in cGMP compliant & accredited facility and is ISO 22716 certified. Use our product and enjoy the highest quality of natural ingredients that have been tested for their skin irritation, to ensure maximum skin compatibility.SHOP NOW !!