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What is Kapha Dosh in Ayurveda Skincare? How To Cure It?

Mar 03, 2024

Bhavini Desai

What is Kapha Dosh in Ayurveda Skincare? How To Cure It?

In the world of Ayurveda, everything is holistic. What you feel affects what you eat, and what you eat affects how you look. It’s such an intricate understanding of the human mind, body, soul, and skin. That is why, in this ancient system, the concept of doshas plays a pivotal role. Dosha loosely means ‘fault.’ And different doshas help understand individual constitutions. Among the three primary doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, it is Kapha dosha that is tricky. Because it is Kapha dosha that governs stability, structure, and moisture in the skin and body. When Kapha dosha is imbalanced, it can manifest in various skin issues that we will discuss below. Because this blog is all about the intricacies of Kapha dosha in skincare. We will also talk natural remedies to restore Kapha equilibrium and Savarnas Mantra’s role in crafting Ayurveda-inspired skincare for specific doshas.


Understanding Kapha Dosha in Skin:

Let’s keep it simple. Here’s what Kapha dosha means:

  • Kapha dosha is characterized by earth and water elements.
  • It governs traits like oiliness, heaviness, and congestion in the skin. 
  • When Kapha dosha is aggravated, it can lead to conditions such as excessive oiliness, blackheads, enlarged pores, and dull complexion. 
  • Individuals with a predominant Kapha constitution are more prone to these imbalances, especially during the Kapha season (late winter and early spring).


Natural Ingredients to Balance Kapha Dosha:

Ayurveda is more than 5,000 years old. And in its evolution of healing techniques, it has advocated various remedies to balance Kapha in one’s body and skin. But the foremost in this prescription is natural ingredients. 

  1. Neem: With its potent antibacterial and antifungal properties, neem has been beloved in combating acne and oiliness due to Kapha dosha. Neem in cleansers, exfoliants, and moisturizers work wonders. 
  2. Turmeric: That yellow ingredient in your fancy Turmeric latte is really a known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Turmeric aids in reducing skin inflammation, soothing acne, and brightening the complexion. Indian brides, in fact, are known to apply turmeric paste to their faces as a pre-wedding glow ritual.
  3. Tulsi (Holy Basil): Tulsi has detoxifying properties. It not only helps battle Kapha dosha in the system (cold, cough) but also helps cleanse the skin and regulate oil production. 
  4. Lemon: Lemon is an astringent. It helps shrink pores. It also has antimicrobial properties that help control oils and tighten skin to restore balance. This makes lemon a star ingredient in toners and cleansers.
  5. Witch Hazel: This popular natural astringent helps tone the skin. It minimizes pore sizes and regulates sebum production, which makes it ideal for managing Kapha imbalances.



Ayurveda-Inspired American Skincare 

To remedy your dosha for you, we at Savarnas Mantra have been merging the secrets of Ayurveda seamlessly with modern medicine. Our medical-grade skincare is top-quality, with natural ingredients, targeted to specific doshas. 


For Kapha dosha, you can trust our Herbal Toner. It is a holistic blend of 10 botanicals to detox your oily, acne-prone, heavy skin. It balances your skin’s pH, shrinks pores, and unclogs them, as well as clarifies your complexion. You can also double it up as a toner for the scalp, in case your Kapha dosha problems have extended to a very oily or dandruff-ridden scalp. 



How to Use Savarnas Mantra Herbal Toner:

  • Cleanse your face using a gentle cleanser suitable for your dosha. We recommend the Rose Cleanser to calm and soothe your skin.
  • Shake the bottle of Herbal Toner well and spritz lightly all over your face.
  • You can also take a small amount on a cotton pad or ball and swipe it over your face.
  • Allow the toner to absorb into the skin.
  • Follow up with a moisturizer to lock in hydration and seal the benefits. We recommend the Biomarine Moisturiser for exceptional calming hydration. 




Balancing your Kapha dosha is not such a tedious job, after all. All you need is some awareness, some focus, and lots of Savarnas Mantra holistic skincare. Practice relaxing Yoga, take regular walks, and simplify your diet to include light lentil-rice khichdi, soups, moong curries, and leafy greens. Enjoy your CTM routine every night. And cure your way through Kapha dosha.