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What Are The Common Eyebrow Problems?

Dec 14, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

What Are The Common Eyebrow Problems?

Eyebrows can make or break your beauty and overall look. It can have a huge impact on your personality. There are many eyebrow problems that one may come across. Right from the shape and size of brows, the list is endless. But, before you dive into getting perfectly- shaped eyebrows, you must get hold of some essential beauty basics for brows. Well, it is important to keep brows healthy to avoid any eyebrow problems for beautiful looks. 

This blog provides complete information on keeping brow problems at bay. Awareness about brow health is very essential for beautiful eyes. So, if you are dealing with brow concerns, brace yourself to find some exciting solutions to it with Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Essentials. 

6 Common Eyebrow Problems

The common eyebrow problems are- 

  • Unruly eyebrows

    Do your brows grow in all directions and become unruly at times? Well, this is one of the common brow problems seen specifically in cases of ingrown brows. The instant solution to this is always to keep a tinted eyebrow gel handy which will provide a strong hold and polished look to your brows. Apply eyebrow gel in small strokes focusing on sparse areas to even it out. Finish it by brushing them upwards and into the place for an even look. 

    • Thinning of eyebrows

    Threading went wrong? Well, if you have ended up with too-thin brows, an eyebrow pencil and pigmented eyebrow powder is the best solution to deal with thin brows.. Brow makeup can take care of thinning brows instantly. In the meantime, give some quality time to grow your brows with eyebrow-nourishing oil. 

    • Patchy eyebrows

    Are you suffering from patchy eyebrow loss? It's time to take action before it's too late. Your patchy eyebrows could be a result of underlying auto-immune disorders such as alopecia of eyebrows, hormonal imbalances such as thyroid or diabetes issues, stress, aging, and skin problems like psoriasis or eczema. It is important to consult a medical professional to get the root cause treated. 

    • Archless brows

    Give your brows the oomph factor by defining them with a perfect arch. It is important to contour your brows the right way while doing brow makeup. Do not forget to follow your brow care routine which will help your brows get back on track with a perfect arch. 

    • Itchy brows due to infection

    Do your brows turn itchy? There could be various reasons for it. Recheck the ingredients for your brow essential. It is also important to check for underlying skin problems like dermatitis, and fungal or bacterial infections and take action to treat them. Following a brow care routine is a must to prevent recurrent brow infections. 

    • Eyebrow fall out

    Eyebrow fallout can be temporary or permanent. A temporary eyebrow loss may be due to dryness, cold weather, wrong quality of makeup, or lack of moisturization to brows. Permanent eyebrow loss may occur due to vitamin deficiencies, stress, aging, or underlying issues. It is recommended to follow healthy lifestyle changes with a brow care routine for healthy beautiful brows. 

    How to prevent common brow problems? 

    Well, the answer to this question is simple- The best way to prevent common brow problems is to follow A BROW-CARE ROUTINE. Eyebrows play a great role in deciding the overall look of your face. Well-shaped brows help to enhance focus on the eyes. Most of us have faced common brow problems at some point in our life. The reason behind this is a lack of attention to your brows. A brow care routine can work wonders with effective solutions to keep brow problems at bay for healthy beautiful brows. So, let us help you to set your brows with pride to enhance the beautiful look of your face. 

    Brow Care Routine - Take Charge of your BROW HEALTH 

    Here are some steps to follow a Brow Care Routine which is a must for healthy beautiful brows. 

    • Start your brow care routine with basic TLC
    • Do not forget to cleanse your brows daily with a gentle cleanser
    • Include a weekly exfoliation for your brows with a gentle exfoliant to unclog the hair follicles and boost growth
    • Do not forget to remove all the brow makeup at the end of the day
    • Include your brow care routine along with your skincare routine to get habituated to it
    • Set a threading schedule for your brows to keep them denser and thicker
    • Amplify eyebrow growth with eyebrow oil daily at night
    • Style brows to scale up the glam quotient with Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Essentials
    • Use natural brow solutions for healthy beautiful eyebrows 

    Eyebrows add structure and beauty to your look, so they should never be neglected. Get a flawless finish for eyebrows and keep them healthy forever with Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Essentials.