Try Savarnas Mantra® best Natural Eye Makeup Remover

Feb 18, 2020

Dan Singh

Try Savarnas Mantra® best Natural Eye Makeup Remover - SavarnasMantra

Try Savarnas Mantra® best Natural Eye Makeup Remover 

It is needless to say that removing your makeup is a bigger and more difficult a task than applying it. Removal of eye makeup becomes especially difficult because eyes are very sensitive and rubbing your eyes with some harmful chemical might damage them. The delicate skin around them needs to pampered and softly dealt with.  

Savarnas Mantra® brings to you an Eye Makeup Remover is oil free that has gentle cleansing ingredients. These ingredients leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. The makeup remover has no harsh preservatives and contains only a natural preservative derived from radish root. It leaves your eyes with no irritation. This is most suitable to remove makeup from your skin. It leaves your skin supple without making it too dry and thus avoiding wrinkles.   

Our Natural Eye makeup Remover is paraben free and contains no added preservatives and is completely Cruelty Free since it has not been tested on animals. The active ingredients used in the product are purely plant based natural ingredients and are a must buy for your little makeup kit!!