Top 10 Skin Conditions Which You Must Not Ignore – SavarnasMantra

Top 10 Skin Conditions Which You Must Not Ignore

Apr 17, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 10 Skin Conditions Which You Must Not Ignore - SavarnasMantra

Skin conditions must never be ignored. Neglecting your skin can give rise to many problems. It may lead to infections and diseases which may be complicated and difficult to deal. When left untreated, skin diseases can be difficult to control and may flare up causing the aggravated conditions of the skin. It is important to be aware of certain skin conditions which are common and need attention. Let us help you to be aware of the skin conditions which are common and which must not be ignored.

Top 10 Common Skin Conditions

The 10 common skin conditions which you must be aware of are as follows-

  • Acne
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Fungal infection
  • Allergy
  • Psoriasis
  • Urticaria
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Vitiligo
  • Sunburn
  • Contact Dermatitis

Let us get started with each one in detail. Knowing the cause of the skin condition is important. Being aware of the causative factor of the skin condition will help us eliminate the cause and heal the problem from its core root.


This is a major problem for many teenagers and young adults. Acne is caused by bacterial infection of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). There may be multiple causes of overgrowth of this bacteria like wrong quality skincare products, oily greasy skin, hormonal changes, and unhealthy lifestyle. Eradicating the cause can help in overcoming the problem by 50 - 60 %.

Atopic Dermatitis

We have all heard about the clinical term” dermatitis.” “Dermatitis” means derma - skin, and itis- inflammation of the skin. So, in simple terms, dermatitis is inflammation of the skin. This is also called Eczema. Atopic means “No cause.”  The symptoms of atopic dermatitis are as follows-Boils blisters

  • White fluid discharge
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Swelling in severe condition
  • Pain
  • Flaking

Fungal infection

This is a very common condition in summers due to increased sweating. Fungal infection is a recurrent condition due to lower immunity. The fungal infection may occur in multiple parts of the body such as the axilla and groin areas and have a higher chance of spreading to other parts like the face, hands, and legs. Th symptoms of fungal infection are -

  • Red patches
  • Severe Itching
  • Bleeding from the lesions


This is basically due to defective immunity and can cause an increase in IgE levels. Allergy is caused by allergens such as pollen, dust, or certain foods. It is important to eliminate such foods or allergens from the daily routine. An allergy means your immunity is hypersensitive and you may react to certain substances easily.


This is an autoimmune disorder in which the skin cycle is affected and causes degeneration and regeneration of skin at a faster pace. This is mainly caused by defective immunity. It is important to rectify the immunity in such cases. The symptoms of psoriasis are -

  • Excessive itching
  • Scaling and flaking of skin
  • Red eczematous patches
  • Swelling of skin
  • Burning of skin
  • Peeling of skin


This is a form of allergy and causes an increase in the IgE level. This allergy is also called “Hives” or “Urticaria.” There is excessive itching and redness of the skin. In some severe cases, there may also be swelling of lips and eyes causing “angioedema.”


This is an age-related problem and mainly occurs due to hormonal conditions. It is also present during pregnancy and is also known as melasma. There may be dark patches of the skin in brownish or blackish discoloration. There is hypersecretion of the melanin or the skin pigment causing darkening of the skin.


This is also an autoimmune disorder where there is under secretion of the melanin (skin pigment) causing white patches on the skin. There is a disruption in the skin tone of the skin. Most of the time, this is stress-related or may be genetic.


Sunburn is a very common condition in summers that starts with prolonged exposure to the UV rays. This may cause darkening and discoloration of the skin on exposed areas such as the face, legs, and hands. It is important to protect yourself from sun exposure by applying sunscreen and using protective equipment such as shades and hats.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis occurs due to exposure or coming in contact with various things such as harsh soaps or handwashes, makeup products, or jewelry. This may cause uncontrollable itching, redness, and swelling of the skin. Avoiding such products can be a great idea to prevent contact dermatitis. It is also important to moisturize the skin regularly.

Now, you know about the most common skin conditions. It is important to take precautions so that you do not procure these skin disorders. Keep your skin healthy with a daily skincare routine and prevent all the above-mentioned infections.