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Top 10 Professional Skin Care Tips

Jul 08, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 10 Professional Skin Care Tips

Does “PERFECT SKIN” exist? This question keeps ticking every person’s mind. Well, the truth is perfect skin does exist and it is possible to achieve it. Thinking realistically, most of us always have one or two skin concerns. But, with some expert solutions, we can achieve dream skin forever!!! 

Experts provide you with the best solutions for skincare. We have rounded up some best skin care solutions which have been provided by experts. Refine your routine with some expert solutions to achieve flawless skin. These expert tips for skincare below can give you what you wish to achieve. 

Professional Skin Care Tips 

There are many skin care tips that you can search on the internet. But, results are important. We follow the skin care tips which are trending. But, honestly speaking, it is important to follow what is important to you. Every person has different skin, different color and complexion, and above all, a different concern. Addressing each concern from the core is important before we look out for generic solutions.

To address your concerns and achieve flawless beauty, we have come up with professional skin care tips which you cannot miss. 

Sr. No


Tip #1

Skin care is MUST for everyone

Tip #2

Keep the skin care simple and basic

Tip #3

No Hit and Miss- Follow all steps for skincare routine

Tip #4

Follow the correct order

Tip #5

Maintain the skincare routine at optimum level

Tip #6

Target your flaws

Tip #7

Take your skincare to next level

Tip #8

Moisturize like PRO

Tip #9

Take a Beauty Diet & Sleep

Tip #10

Maintain good skincare habits

Tip #1 Skin care is MUST for everyone 

No matter what your skin type is, care is important for all. Even though you have normal skin, it is important to take care of the skin around the clock. Be gentle with skincare. TLC (Tender Love Care) is a must for your skin. It is important to take care of your skin at every step. 

Tip #2 Keep the skin care simple and basic 

Minimalism is the new trend when it comes to skincare in beauty. Keep basic and natural. Choose some nutritive elements which are best for your skin. 

Tip #3 No-Hit and Miss- Follow all steps for the skincare routine 

Make sure to follow all the steps, especially the CTM procedure. Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturization is a must for healthy skin. Make sure to include exfoliation as well once or twice a week. Also, ensure to include serum application as well. 

Tip #4 Follow the correct order 

When it comes to skincare, discipline is a must. Follow the correct order. Include morning and night skincare routine regularly. 

Tip #5 Maintain the skincare routine at an optimum level 

Do not overdo and underdo any skin care product. Maintain the right pace as well. Do not be too fast or too slow. Be gentle and patient at the same time. 

Tip #6 Target your flaws 

Everyone has different concerns. Address your flaws after knowing the causative factor and take steps to prevent them. 

Tip #7 Take your skincare to next level 

Basic and simple skin care is followed by all. It's time to master it with practice and be a PRO!!! 

Tip #8 Moisturize to shine 

Hydration is a key to beautiful skin. Make sure to apply serum and moisturize well for beautiful skin deep within. 

Tip #9 Take a Beauty Diet & Sleep 

Make sure to take care of your diet and include healthy vegetables and fruits enriched with antioxidants. Drink plenty of water and take a good restful sleep for 8 hours daily. Make sure to exercise well. 

Tip #10 Maintain good skincare habits 

Good skincare habits are a must. Avoid over-touching your face. Make sure to sanitize your hands well and maintain healthy skin. 

Use these expert tips with a great choice of natural skin care products from Savarnas Mantra to achieve the best skin ever!!!