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The right way to remove your brow make-up

Jan 30, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

The right way to remove your brow make-up

Many of us are aware of the simple techniques on how to remove the makeup completely from the face without leaving any residues or traces. At times, we may tend to neglect brow makeup removal efficiently. Just one makeup wipe is not enough to get completely rid of all the face makeup which includes brow or eye makeup. 

The process of brow makeup removal is equally important as the process of putting brow makeup on. If you are serious about brow care, you are on the right page today to know how to remove brow makeup correctly.

Why is brow makeup removal important?

Ask any celebrity, makeup artist, makeup lover, or maybe just a makeup user and they will tell you the cardinal sin of wearing makeup. Yes, it is not removing it, right? Majority of the make-up users are very particular about removing all the makeup and keeping the skin clean before they hit the bed. No matter how hectic your day has been, it is important to clean your skin and remove all the makeup properly. The same goes for brow makeup as well. Neglecting brow makeup removal can cause many brow concerns. 

Eyebrow concerns caused by incorrect brow makeup removal

Most of us use just one wipe to remove the entire face makeup. This may leave some residues or traces of makeup on the facial skin. Sleeping with traces of makeup traces and residues can clog pores and hair follicles. This may affect skin, lashes, brows, and even eyes to some extent. Accumulation of dirt, grime, and sweat along with traces of makeup may lead to damage to skin, brows, and lashes.  

Let us check out some of the important eyebrow concerns which can occur due to incorrect brow makeup removal. 

  • Clogged pores and blocked follicles
  • Brow infections such as bacterial, or fungal
  • Brow growth may get affected
  • Itching of brows
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around brows and eyes
  • Brow irritation like a burning sensation or redness
  • Brow fallout or breakage
  • Sparse or thinning of brows
  • Breakouts around brows
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Eye affections like burning and watering of the eyes
  • Allergic reactions like contact dermatitis
  • Scarring of brows in extreme conditions
  • Loss of brows also known as Madarosis 

Sleeping with any kind of make-up on can damage the most sensitive part of your face - i.e THE EYES. Snoozing with full eye makeup including brow and lash makeup can put you at higher risk of developing eye inflammation, eyelid redness, and corneal abrasions. This may occur mainly due to an irresistible desire to itch around the eyes causing the brow, lash or eye makeup particles to rub against the surface of the eyes. 

Eyes are very delicate. You must ensure to remove all the eye, brow, and lash makeup completely to avoid cropping up a nasty style the next morning. 

So, let us give you some insights into the right technique for brow makeup removal.

Brow makeup removal products

The makeup removal products required for brow makeup (OR ANY KIND OF MAKEUP ) removal efficiently are as follows-

Makeup remover

Before you get it right, it is important to invest in the best makeup remover for brows as the area around the eyes and facial skin is very gentle. You can opt for the same makeup remover for your facial skin and brows too. It is important to use a gentle and natural makeup remover for the face and brows to prevent damage to them.

Cotton wipes

Ensure to use the best quality cotton wipe which can reduce the friction between the facial skin or brows and the makeup wipe. This will prevent damage to the sensitive skin around the eyes. You can also opt for cotton flat pads instead of conventional wipes which are more efficient in brow makeup removal.

Steps for eyebrow makeup removal

Learn the best techniques to eliminate all brow makeup completely. 

Step #1 Sanitize your hands. Take a cotton wipe and pour some micellar makeup remover or natural make-up remover

Step #2 Glide it over the face gently to completely eliminate the make-up

Step #3 Flip it and remove all the eye, brow and lash makeup thoroughly

Step #4 Soak another clean cotton wipe with makeup remover for the second round of cleanup to remove all the makeup residue and traces

Step #5 Let makeup remover sit and dissolve all the makeup from the pores

Step #6 Use a gentle cleanser to clean your face thoroughly till squeaky clean.

Step #7 Pat dry, and follow your skincare routine of CTM procedure (Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing)

Step #8 You can also dab some under-eye cream, eyebrow oil, or lash oil for beautiful brows and lashes to keep them future-ready for the next day's make-up 

There you go! You are set to hit the bed with clean skin, brows, and lashes. Wake up with refreshed and revitalized skin in the morning ready for all types of makeup especially, eye makeup with shiny beautiful eyes.