The most common complaints about Brow Care that you can resolve with o – SavarnasMantra

The most common complaints about Brow Care that you can resolve with our Brow Care Products

Nov 28, 2019

Dan Singh

The most common complaints about Brow Care that you can resolve with our Brow Care Products - SavarnasMantra

The main purpose of eyebrows is to keep moisture (water and perspiration, both) out of the eyes. The arch keeps the moisture from falling inside the eyes. But this arch also tells your personality. While straight eyebrows indicate direct-approach, factuality and logic in the person, curved eyebrows are indicative of a more people-oriented personality. 

Eyebrows are a very crucial part of the human face. They help give facial expressions and are thus important in communicating with each other. It is the slowest growing hair on human body and each brow hair has a time span of approximately four months, but still the brow care needs our utmost attention, for eyebrows actually define our personality.    


  1. Are you wondering how to give a good outline to your brows? 

In this case, Brow Powders come to be of great help. Eyebrow Powders by Savarnas Mantra® are made with the finest micro powder and with state of the art technology. No mineral oil is added to them and they leave a soft finish to the eyebrows. With the eyebrow powder, you can create a well defined outline and give a soft finish to your eyebrows. 

    2. The Brow Powder doesn’t stick and give an unequal finish 

Brow Primer is the one product can help you in many ways- the pencil will provide a base for the brow powder and help the brow powder stick to it. It can also be used for superior adhesion and waterproofing. The Primer can also be used to simply mark from where you want the brow to begin and end before applying the brow powder or it can also be applied to cover your grey or white hairs. 

  3. Giving 100% perfection to the eyebrow 

Brow Gels can help you with 100% styling & finishing. It conditions brows so that they will not flake or look gummy when dry and provide a strong hold. The effects will last all day and the Pro vitamin B5 is added in Savarnas Mantra® Brow Gels for hair health. You can finally use the finisher to brush brow hairs in the desired shape. Let the finisher dry and then apply brow powder to color hair and finish off sections (such as the edges and tail) where you may not have hair coverage. You can choose from our Brow Gel shades- Dark Brown, Clear, Soft Black and Taupe. 

 4. Hiding away the blemishes 

Ultimate Brow Definer is a must have beauty product when you want to have a quick makeup or a touch up. The product is a 2-in-1 universal concealer and brow highlighter pencil. The concealer helps you to quickly cover the blemishes. So you can dab on a bit of concealer as and when you need it. And with the highlighter side, you can give yourself an instant eye lift.    

With these Browcare Products, you can easily resolve the common issues that arise during makeup. So hurry and indulge yourself in these products from Savarnas Mantra®!!