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Savarnas Mantra® Natural Lash Mascara with Pro Vitamin B5 and Green Tea Fiber

Oct 05, 2019

Dan Singh


Are you searching the markets for the best Lash Mascara? Are you on a look out for something extraordinarily amazing? Then your search ends here with Savarnas Mantra® Natural Lash Mascara.

The Natural Lash Mascara does not clump or leave flakes behind. It also won’t smudge. You will get many Lash Mascaras in the international market, but ours is made in the USA. It has special beeswax that gives this product a super sticky formula. This helps the mascara for a long stay. Beeswax help thicken the mascara. It helps in keeping it smudge proof and water resistant too. The quality of beeswax that we use at Savarnas Mantra® helps smoothen and soften the skin. We do not use synthetic beeswax that is a blend of fatty esters, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and high molecular weight hydrocarbons.   

Natural lash mascara     

The Green Tea leaf fiber helps add volume, keeping the mascara lightweight in itself. Pro Vitamin B5 is also known as Panthenol that has skin beneficial properties. It helps retain the moisture levels of the skin and relieves the skin of itchiness or discomfort. It also helps regenerating the skin overnight leaving your lashes softer and healthier.

One Savanas Natural Lash Mascara comes with two tubes, one is the transplanting mascara and the other tube has 3D fibres. Each tube will allow up to 80 applications and it comes with an easy applicator. First of all, you should start applying the mascara from the base of the eyelashes, and then roll the brush to the last tip of the eyelash. This will help evenly spread out the mascara. For best results, you should apply about 15 strokes of mascara per eye.

Next, we would advise you to apply the sticky mascara only to the lash tips. You should turn the brush to dab the tips with the end of the brush. You should repeat this step about 15 times per eye.

Then, you may dab & roll the fibers. These fibers stick to the lashes because of the sticky mascara that you have applied. Repeat this step about 15 times per eye.

Sealing the fibers should be the final step. It will ensure an all day wear. You should roll the sticky mascara over the last tips and do it 15 times per eye.