Lotion V/S Cream: What is the Difference? – SavarnasMantra

Lotion V/S Cream: What is the Difference?

May 01, 2022

Rini Jose

Lotion V/S Cream: What is the Difference? - SavarnasMantra

We all know how significant it is to moisturize the skin. It’s often confusing over whether to use a lotion or a cream keep the skin hydrated. But, both have their own features and benefits. Knowing the differences and benefits of each product will help you decide on the right product for your skin type. What's The Difference? This article will break down these differences and give general guidelines on which one is more suitable for you. Read it out and keep your skin hydrated using the apt product that suits your beautiful skin. 

Cream or Lotion both the products are meant to moisturize, soften and prevent your skin from getting dry. They are both emulsions based on a combination of water and oil. 

Lotion Vs. Cream: 

The lotion is more of a liquid type but thicker. Due to its composition, the consistency is thinner, which allows it to absorb into the skin quickly. The best part is that lotions are non-greasy and lightweight. They mostly contain a few drops of oil. The percentage of water is higher in lotions as the oil droplets are mixed in water. It usually comes in bottles which make it comfortable to use just by squeezing it.  

Moving on to the Cream, they are mostly of a thick consistency or a semi-solid one. Compared to lotions, creams contain a higher percentage of oil and water and are mixed in oil. As it has a thick consistency, it is more greasy and heavy.  

Which moisturizer should you choose- Lotion or Cream? 

It is not only moisturizers while using any skincare product; the safest method to pick the suitable one is to find the product that matches your skin type. Because each skin type is different and unique, not all products suit perfectly on every skin. 

It's not only people with sensitive skin, but with dry skin, oily skin, and even normal skin type has a bespoke product that works great on that particular skin type. When choosing a moisturizer, target your skin concerns or skincare goals. Some use moisturizer for smooth and soft skin, whereas some need a product with anti-aging properties. Though the ultimate purpose of a moisturizer is to keep the skin hydrated, you may look for products that can be a solution for your skin concerns too. 

Lotion and Cream- Which one is good for your skin? 

Lotions are ideal for people with normal skin because of its watery, lightweight consistency. If the product is non-greasy and lightweight, you may try it out on your oily skin. Creams are the perfect moisturizers for people with dry skin. Let’s understand it better; 

Oily skin: Lotions with a non-greasy formula will be the best option. A product with a thinner formula prevents clogged pores, preventing acne and breakouts. 

Dry Skin: This skin type needs a product with a thicker formula that can keep the skin hydrated for longer hours. And so, creams are advisable for dry skin to excessively dry skin.  

Acne-prone skin: If your skin is more prone to acne, you need a moisturizer with low oil content. To shed some light, you need a lightweight product on the skin that quickly absorbs. But if you use a cream, the oils may get clogged, leading to breakouts. Most importantly, you need to look for skincare products that are fragrance-free and alcohol-free because products containing chemicals or harsh ingredients may worsen your skin condition.  

Combination Skin: A lighter consistency lotion can keep your skin hydrated. You may either go with a light moisturizer for combination skin or use two different products for dry areas and oily areas. For example, a water-based or gel-based product for oily areas but an oil-based and thicker product for the dry areas.  

Lotion or Cream- Which one is best for Seasonal Usage: 

Those following a skincare routine consistently might know the importance of switching skincare according to seasons. This is more applicable for moisturizers because our skin doesn't remain the same during all the seasons. Let's see which products are apt during summers and winters. 

Lotions: The composition of the lotion makes it a better option to be used during hot summers. It contains lesser oil and gets absorbed quickly onto the skin. 

Creams: It is thicker and oily and is prepared to provide ultra-hydration to the skin. It's no surprise that creams can keep the skin soft, smooth, and hydrated during the harsh winter months.

Moisturizing the Face: 

Though the benefits of a moisturizer are numerous, there are times when you can’t use the same product for your face and body. As mentioned above, creams are heavy and greasy. A water-based or gel-based moisturizer is the best to use on the face unless you have extremely dry skin. However, dry skin should be moisturized with oil-based cream to prevent dryness and maintain hydration 

Keeping the skin hydrated isn't a choice; instead, a necessity if you want them to remain soft, healthy, and supple. Luckily, you get a wide array of moisturizers with different consistencies and formula that can be used on any skin type. Lotions are extremely lightweight and the thinnest ones that can hydrate your skin. But in a situation where your skin needs extra moisture, creams ranging from thick to thickest are easily available. But getting hold of the right product is a trial and error.