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How To Pamper Your Skin On Weekends?

Aug 26, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Pamper Your Skin On Weekends?

Weekends are here? Time to party? Well, think again and give yourself something special. It's time to look after yourself. Before you set to party, it is important to take some “Me- time” out for yourself and focus on your skin. Before you head start towards spending time on some shopping or partying over the weekend, think about spending some time pampering your skin. Well, it will give you great compliments over the entire week which is priceless. Create the right mood and set some skin pampering today and make the most out of it. 

Beauty Pamper at home V/s  Beauty Pamper at Spa 

Beauty Pamper at home OR  Beauty Pamper at Soa - Which one should I choose? Well, the choice is completely yours. The point is to take out some valuable points for your skin and hit it to pamper it right away. After all, your skin needs some attention as well with TLC (Tender Love Care). It's time to catch a BREAK and get started with some Beauty skin pamper. The results will show up in no time once you start receiving compliments. 

Beauty Pamper at home

Beauty Pamper at Spa

Simple procedure

Complex procedure

Can be done at any time

You have to fix an appointment

Use your favorite products

Use salon products

Can help you create some mood

May help create a mood with comfort

Spend quality time for yourself

May spend limited time as it is spa

No professional expertise

Professional expertise

May turn out messy

Does not turn messy

Process may be time-consuming

Process is quick and up to the mark

Less money investment

Need to spend money

So, you can make a perfect choice on where you would like to pamper your skin and how you would like to do it. This completely depends on various factors such as- 

  • Quality of products you want to use
  • Time factor
  • Mood factor 

But, remember, to give yourself some time to pamper your skin. This can be great not only for your skin but also for your mind. The weekend is a great opportunity to take out some quality time as you focus on yourself. 

How to spend your time for Weekend Skin Pampering? 

Despite your daily skincare routine, your skin also needs a break. Pampering your skin over the weekend can be a great idea for a much-needed skin break.

Here are some tips and tricks to follow for Weekend Skin Pampering. Let us get started- 

  1. Give your skin spa-like experience 

Enjoy a spa-like experience at home with some natural skincare products. If you are pampering your skin over the weekend for the 1st time, ensure to use natural products with essential oils that provide natural fragrances and aromas. Light scented candles with essential oils which are great for the skin. 

  1. Take facial steam with essential oils 

Taking facial steam helps in opening up the skin pores and eliminates the dirt, grime, and gunk for beautiful skin. Put some drops of lavender essential oils in the water for facial steam which helps in giving a natural glow and soothing fragrance to your senses. 

  1. Polish your skin with an exfoliant 

Use a natural skin polisher with aluminum oxide crystals after the steam which helps clean up the skin pores. Use a nourishing exfoliant that is creamy and gets massaged into the skin effortlessly. 

  1. Use overnight masks 

Overnight masks can be extremely hydrating for the skin. The sheet mask can give a natural dewy effect on Monday morning for your skin. 

  1. Moisturize lavishly 

Moisturize your skin with squalene and Vitamin E. Massage some moisturizer into the skin which will help tone up your skin and facial muscles. This will also provide a radiant glow. 

  1. Exercise for the face is a must 

Exercise for facial muscles is a must. Ensure to glide your fingers as you massage with a moisturizer to improve your facial aesthetics. If you find it difficult, enter a skin spa right away and enjoy a wonderful facial massage. 

  1. Nourish your brows and lashes 

Take care of your brows and lashes too by applying some nourishing oil and serum. Massage it gently into the follicles to stimulate brow and lash growth. 

  1. Use a lip scrub 

Want natural pink rosy lips? Indulge in some lip scrub and be gentle to your skin. This will help you get rid of dark and hyperpigmented lips in the long run. 

  1. Use under-eye cream 

Use some under-eye cream to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Apply under eye cream which is natural and enriched with botanical extracts/ 

  1. Use facial oil and roller 

Vitamin E oil is great for the skin. You can include some vitamin E oil with a few drops of essential oil which is hydrating for the skin. Use a facial roller to accentuate your jawline and facial aesthetics at their best.

I am sure you are tempted and thinking of getting started at home right away. You can get started with some natural products which are safe and gentle to use while at home. Indulging in regular weekend pampering for skin is a great idea to kickstart your Monday and flaunt a positive attitude.