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How to Manage Sunburn?

Aug 09, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to Manage Sunburn?

Are you a sports lover or an outdoor lover? Well, if you are, this is a must read the blog for you to be future ready to step out in the sun. 

A sunny day near the beach is the best day to spend a Sunday afternoon. It's more exciting to sunbathe at times. Let us not forget that we need some kind of exposure to daily morning sun to incorporate the sunshine Vitamin D for us from the skin. A beach time and sunbath can be a good de-stress. However, it may welcome some skin issues which is also known as SUNBURN. 

So, today with this blog we will talk about some perfect ways to manage sunburn with effective natural solutions. No matter what our age is, we need to take preventive measures to control sunburn. 

Which is the correct time to step out in the sun? 

From children to working professionals, all of us tend to step out in the sun for some other reason. The majority of us have been informed to sit in the sun to absorb Vitamin D levels. The perfect time to be in the sun is early morning between 7 am to 9 am. One should avoid stepping out between 10 am to 4 pm which has harsh harmful UV rays. These harmful UV rays can affect the skin and cause more skin damage. This may lead to hyperpigmentation and sunburn of the skin. 

When do signs of sunburn occur? 

The signs of sunburn usually appear 6 -12 hours after exposure with the greatest discomfort during the first 24 hours. The signs of sunburn are as follows -

  • Redness of skin
  • Itching of skin
  • Burning of skin
  • Warm skin
  • Painful skin
  • Dryness of skin
  • Peeling skin
  • Irritation and discomfort
  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin
  • Certain discoloration of the skin
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dullness and lifeless skin 

How to manage Sunburn? 

The best way to manage sunburn is to by the following ways- 

  • Avoid further direct harsh sun rays completely.
  • Apply cool compresses like ice packs
  • Splash some cool water
  • Take a cool shower
  • Hydrate yourself well to avoid dehydration
  • Relax and destress to avoid heat stroke
  • Apply a thin layer of cooling aloe vera gel
  • Reduce your skin temperature by sitting under a fan or ac
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Include natural moisturizer 

Tips to prevent sunburn 

These are some best ways to prevent sunburn and keep the skin healthy round the clock. 

  • Avoid stepping out in sun between 10 am- 4 pm 

Avoid the harsh sun with harmful UV rays which can penetrate the skin and cause more harm during the peak hours of the afternoon. 

  • Apply sunscreen every day 

Ensure to use sunscreen daily in all weather even though it is cloudy. This will keep you protected from UV rays during the day with healthy glowing skin. The UV rays can penetrate the outer skin cells and damage the deeper sensitive cells and cause skin tan 

  • Use higher SPF and allow it to absorb 

Choosing a sunscreen and sunblock with her SPF (Sun Protection Factor) above 30 works well for the skin than those with lower SPF. 

  • Switch to natural ingredients for skin care 

Choose natural skin care products as they do not cause any tendency to react with the UV rays and are comparatively safer than conventional skincare products

  • Do not rub the skin while using any products 

Make sure to avoid rubbing cleanser or any other cream on the skin during or after exposure to harmful UV rays. Be gentle with your skin and simply massage some moisturizer gently with your fingers. 

  • Do not directly step out in sun after exfoliation 

This is a big “NO.” If you have just been through a facial treatment or skin spa, make sure to carry an umbrella and wear your shades before you step out in the sun. It is important to wear sunscreen as well. The best thing to do in such a case is to avoid long-term exposure to the sun after exfoliation. 

  • Wear protective clothing 

If you are stepping out to travel in the sun and planning to stay outdoors for a long time, ensure to wear protective clothing and cover up yourself with a scarf and full-sleeve dress. 

  • Have some cooling drinks to keep your skin hydrated 

Coconut water is the best cooling drink to instantly hydrate your skin. It replenishes the skin with vitamins, minerals, and essential salts which prevents dehydration after sun exposure. 

  • Protect your eyes from Sun Rays and wear sunglasses 

Yes, the eyes are a very sensitive part of your skin. It is important to take care of your eyes by wearing good quality shades which can protect not only your eyes but also the skin around the eyes from getting dull, dehydrated, and wrinkled. 

  • Protect your hair and scalp from sun rays 

Scalp and hair are prone to damage. They may get damaged because of harmful exposure to the sun and this may lead to dry brittle hair if sunburn occurs on the scalp. 

  • Allow skin to heal after exposure 

Do not rush with a skin treatment immediately after prolonged exposure to the sun. Allow the skin to heal and repair for a few days with a simple basic routine. 

  • Avoid conventional skincare products which can cause side effects 

Using conventional skincare products like harsh soaps and face washes can cause more harm than good. Also, ensure to check for the skin ingredients of your moisturizer to ensure they are safe and do not cause more irritation to the skin with sunburn. The sunburn-affected skin is already sensitive. 

  • Wear minimal makeup and allow the skin to breathe 

Allow the skin to breathe after sunburn instead of overlaying makeup. Just apply sunscreen, and moisturizer along with a dash of lip balm with SPF and allow your skin to breathe. 

  • Use anti-aging products to fight oxidative stress 

Use natural anti-aging skin care products with natural botanical extracts to fight oxidative stress. 

So, the next time you step outdoors to enjoy the sun, make sure to take precautions. Remember to be sun protected throughout the day in all kinds of weather.