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How to make your eyes look bigger?

Jun 16, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to make your eyes look bigger?

Makeup helps to accentuate your face. It helps highlight and brings charm to your beauty. Just the right contouring can create chiseled cheekbones. A slight overlining of the lips can give a perfect pout in no time. Similarly, makeup can also make your eyes look bigger. There are other ways to make your eyes look bigger and catchy as well. Today, we will share a handful of expert-approved makeup tips on “How to make your eyes look bigger?” This will give a wide and brighter appearance to your eyes. 

Start with Skincare

Skincare is a very important part to enhance your beauty. It is important to follow a skincare routine before and after makeup to make sure that your skin forms a smooth base and healthy foundation. A smooth flawless complexion is the best base for makeup. This helps in the smooth application and evens out the skin before makeup. When you apply makeup with the right skincare routine, there are lesser imperfections that help you give flawless skin. 

Take care of under-eye skin

Before you begin with the makeup routine, it is important to take care of your under-eye skin with the right skincare. Choose and opt for a good under-eye serum with nutritive elements which can help depuff, hydrate, and correct the dark circles.

Dark circles and puffed swollen eyes can take away the glow from your eyes. Using an under-eye serum and cream can be a great idea to clear the dark circles and give you sparkling eyes. 

The under-eye serum should contain some vitamin C extracts with hyaluronic acid and vitamins to provide a boost of antioxidants. It will hydrate and wake up your eyes even before you apply makeup. 

Grow your brows thicker and denser 

The eyebrow is a very essential part of eye makeup. Make sure to shape your brows. The best way to shape your brows is to grow them thicker and denser with eyebrow oil. This will enhance your look. It is important to have beautiful eyebrows and thicker ones to brighten your eyes. A quick fix to thicken brows involves using - 

Do not forget the eyebrow oil daily at night which will help your brows grow thicker naturally to brighten up your eyes naturally. 

Grow and define your eyelashes 

It is important to curl your lashes to make your eyes look bigger. But, before you start with curling lashes, focus on growing longer and thicker eyelashes to define your eyes naturally. You can use eyelash oil before you hit the bed at night. Apply some lash oil and massage it gently into the roots till completely absorbed. 

Looking for a quick fix for lashes, make sure to apply a lash serum before you apply a lash mascara. This will add extra punch and definition to your eyes. 

Eye make up tricks 

  • Cover up your dark circle with concealer
  • Blend eyeshadow till the brow and use a highlighter
  • Use brightening and shimmery eyeshadows
  • Use nude pencil along the waterline
  • Add drama to your eye makeup
  • Illuminate the inner corners of the eye
  • Create laser thin eyeliner
  • Curl your lashes
  • Give a slight lift to your brows with the perfect arch 
I am sure with these tips, you are ready to become an eye makeup PRO!! Well, get rolling to get beautiful eyes. Remember, eyes are the first thing to get noticed. So make them look attractive and beautiful.