How to Choose and Use the Eyebrow Powders? – SavarnasMantra

How to Choose and Use the Eyebrow Powders?

Oct 11, 2021

Dan Singh

How to Choose and Use the Eyebrow Powders? - SavarnasMantra

Eyebrows play a great role in framing the entire face, and so it deserves the best products for grooming and caring. When you look for the eyebrow products, there are countless products to choose from, literally leaving you confused about which one to choose. Likewise, according to beauty experts, eyebrow grooming is one of the most challenging yet exciting tasks. For perfect eyebrows, all you need is some great products and the knowledge of using them right. Well, when you dive through the options, the most preferred ones are eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powders, and eyebrow gels. This post will take you through the best ways to choose the perfect eyebrow products and the proper ways to use them. 

Care your brows To Get the Perfect Eyebrows:

There is no tip more effective than regular grooming of the brows. Keeping the brows nourished will make them strong and healthy. Want to keep the brows healthy? Follow these tips: 

  • Avoid over-plucking:This is one of the most repeated mistakes that most people make. Plucking the brow frequently will hinder the hair growth, and the brows become thin. Give ample time for the brows to grow before tweezing. Following a proper schedule for waxing or threading the brows will keep them well-groomed and in shape.  
  • Moisturize the brows: Moisturizing is essential to the skin. Similarly, the skin under the eyebrows also needs some TLC, so never forget to moisturize the brows when you moisturize the face.  
  • Keep the brows Nourished:Like oiling the hair on the head, the hairs on the brows need nourishments to keep them strong and healthy. Using eyebrow nourishing oils is one of the best options to keep them nourished. It helps to keep them well-nourished and also boosts hair growth. 
  • Massaging the brows promotes hair growth: Massaging the brows will increase hair growth. While massaging, do it in a circular motion in the direction of the hair growth. Following a massaging routine thrice a week will stimulate hair growth.  
  • Choose the best products for your eyebrows: The beauty markets are flooded with eyebrow products from various brands. Instead of simply picking one or a combo may not work as expected. First, find out your requirement, whether to fill the patches, give a definition, or just set them. Look for good quality products for eyebrows as they are supposed to be used on hairs; if the product is of low quality, it may lead to hair fall and other skin problems.  

Among the various options, Brow powders are loved by many as they are comparatively much easy to use, and at the same time, it gives the eyebrows a natural look. It’s indeed a one-stop solution that can easily cover the gaps and patches on your brows, giving a softer and fuller look. They are indeed the best option for daily use. If used in the right way, you can effortlessly get well-defined and attractive brows. Let’s have a look at the easiest step-by-step process of using an eyebrow powder: 

Choose the right color to fill in your brows:

There is always confusion when it comes to picking the right brow powder shade. If you ended up choosing the wrong one, your eyebrows might look too dark; if you have decided to use an eyebrow powder for the brows, the main part is to choose the color; that compliments the skin tone and your hair color. 

You’ll need a perfect brush to apply it:

Once you have grabbed the right product, the next step is to hold the best tool.  Using an angled brush, you can fill in the brows evenly without leaving any sparse areas.

 Check the shape of your brows:

The next essential step is finding the right shape for your brows. You will have to trace out where the eyebrow should begin, end, and the arch required. Once the shape is decided, tweeze the hairs that are out of shape. While plucking the brows, ensure that you don’t over pluck your brows as you may lose their shape. 

Applying the eyebrow powder:

Before applying the eyebrow powder, give an outline using the eyebrow pencil or with the eyebrow powder to achieve that perfect look. Even stencils are found helpful for giving an outline to the brows. Making outlines will help in filling it properly and efficiently. Next, we will move on to the filling process. It’s pretty simple and easy. Using an eyebrow brush, gently apply the powder to the eyebrows. 

Comb it well:

After applying the brow powder to the eyebrows, using an eyebrow brush comb through the brows to distribute the color evenly to the brows and fill in the missed patches. Combing the brows after applying the product will also give a natural look to the eyebrows.  

Let’s set the brows!!

For that complete perfect look, set the brows using an eyebrow gel. This will help to set the brows intact for a longer period.