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Facial Serum vs. Moisturizers: Which One Should You Use and Why?

Nov 02, 2022

Rini Jose

Facial Serum vs. Moisturizers: Which One Should You Use and Why?

With the abundance of skincare products, the beauty routine is becoming more elaborate day by day. Understanding the best ones is a must to keep the beauty routine minimal and effective. This will also help to get hold of the best ones that work wonders on the skin. Likewise, there is always confusion about using moisturizers and serums, whether both are needed for the skin or which is better, and what it does to the skin. There are so many queries regarding these products. This blog post will help you understand better about facial serums and moisturizers so you can easily decide whether to use both or stick to one. 

Facial Serum: What Does It Do to Your Skin? 

Lighter in consistency, facial serums are highly concentrated. The lightweight formula of the serum makes it a product that just absorbs into the skin in a fraction of a second when applied to the skin. Infused with potent active ingredients in its concentrated form, you will need only a few drops to apply to the whole face. The serums are not only good for moisturizing the skin but can address numerous skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, acne, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, etc.  

Serums are available in different types, among which natural facial serums remain the most popular, offering numerous skin benefits. Some powerful natural ingredients included in facial serums are vitamin C, hyaluronic acidantioxidants, peptides, etc.  

Moisturizers for Face: How is it beneficial?

Moisturizers are products that can keep your skin protected from dryness. It can keep the skin hydrated by increasing its water content. Besides, a moisturizer can soften the skin, soothe skin inflammation, and nourish the skin based on its vital nutrients. It's, in fact, one of the essential steps in the daily beauty routine. Moisturizers not only keep the skin hydrated but also protect it from environmental stressors, extreme temperatures, and sun rays.

Take a look at the table below to understand the difference and uses of both serums and moisturizers.

Face Serums vs. Moisturizers 

Face Serums


·       It has a watery or gel-like consistency


·       Absorbs quickly onto the skin and penetrates on deeper cellular levels.


·       Targets numerous skin concerns

·       It has a thicker consistency, creamier in texture.

·       Hydrates the skin


·       By using a moisturizer, the skin remains hydrated for a longer time; hence it helps prevent dryness.

Face Serums or Moisturizers: Which Is Best for Your Skin?

Finally, it’s time to identify whether serum or moisturizer is best for your skin and why. If you are eager to know the answer, here it is; though both the products look similar, they aren’t the same as they serve distinct purposes. When it comes to face serums, they are extremely nourishing to the skin and best for addressing skin concerns. Especially to treat acne breakouts or early aging signs, a potent facial serum is the best. Besides, using a serum can help with delaying the early signs of aging too.  

Even though serums hydrate the skin, they aren’t as effective as using a dedicated face moisturizer. Moisturizers are excellent in preventing skin dryness. It is indeed an inevitable step in the beauty routine. 

When to Use a Serum and Moisturizer? 

Confused about which one comes first?-a serum or moisturizer? Here’s all that you need; 

  • Start by cleansing your skin to free it from impurities and residues.
  • Splash a toner to prep the skin for face serum and moisturizers to increase its absorbency.
  • Now the facial serums come into the scene. 
  • After a few minutes, apply moisturizer.
  • Use sunscreen. 

Which Serums and Moisturizers Should You Use? 

Like using a serum and moisturizer, it’s equally important to choose the right products. As healthy skin is the primary focus, it’s always good to cling to natural skincare products as they are infused with potent and skin-friendly ingredients that are safe and effective on the skin. If you want to include the best natural skincare products in your daily beauty routine, try Savarnas Mantra® Natural Skincare to healthify and beautify your skin with nature’s finest ingredients. 

You probably would have understood that facial serums and moisturizers are equally crucial for healthy, soft, and younger-looking skin. Neither face serums nor moisturizers can be substituted or replaced.