Eyelash Care and Best Products to Use for Long and Thick Lashes – SavarnasMantra

Eyelash Care and Best Products to Use for Long and Thick Lashes

Mar 01, 2022

Rini Jose

Eyelash Care and Best Products to Use for Long and Thick Lashes - SavarnasMantra

If your eyelashes aren’t naturally long and thick as you expect, then you would have followed various options that can fake the look. Indeed you would have already tried the most relied on eyelash product, mascara, to make the lashes look attractive and gorgeous. Unfortunately, at times these products also fail to deliver the results you’re actually looking for. Sadly, even these instant remedies often fail to give those naturally perfect lashes. Now, this will probably be the time when you’ll be thinking of trying different options or figuring out the actual cause behind thin and dull lashes. It’s never too late to clinch on a different remedy when you have so much left to experiment. Properly caring for the lashes with excellent nourishments and using growth boosting products can definitely make your lashes just stunning. Want to know about the best ways to deliver ultimate care to your lashes to quicken the lash growth? Scroll down; 

Figuring out the actual reasons for the lash fall and the delayed hair growth will help sort the issues and find the perfect remedies that can promote hair growth.  

Why your lashes aren’t Growing, or Are Falling Out? 

At times, you realize that after giving ample protection and using effective products, the lash fall is still the same, or there is no significant difference in the growth. This can be due to various reasons, let’s discover it;  

  • Bad Beauty Habits:  

It’s known that bad beauty habits can adversely affect the skin. This is equally applicable to the lashes and brow hairs as well. Forgetting to remove that mascara from the lashes can cause a loss in the fullness. Remove the mascara stains using gentle wipes followed by a mild cleanser to avoid this. This habit will also keep your lashes clean, which is mandatory for the health of the lashes.  

Likewise, not using the tools right or overly used can also damage or cause falling out of the lashes. Eyelash curlers are one among them. Curling the lashes after applying mascara or using hot lash curlers, can lead to hair fall and damage.  

  • Medical Conditions: 

Sometimes even when you are perfectly giving great care for the lashes, the growth process takes much time, or you may feel it’s still thin. The reason for it can be some underlying medical conditions. Hormonal changes or thyroid disorders are the most common conditions that may affect the lashes. Similarly, the immune disorder alopecia areata can badly affect hair follicles, leading to increased lash fall. Other medical conditions like inflammatory diseases, skin cancer, or blepharitis can also cause eyelashes to thin.  

  • Being harsh with the lashes:

Rubbing the lashes harshly or scrubbing hard removing the makeup is bad for your lashes. It damages and also causes excessive hair fall. 

  • Low-quality Beauty Products: 

Using low-quality makeup products or skincare products not only cause allergy to the skin but for the hair too. Using a low-quality product on the lashes can cause allergies, infection etc. and lead to lash fall. Likewise, if you use waterproof mascara frequently, you may expect the same after-effects. 

Apart from these major causes, aging, allergies, hereditary etc., can also be the reason for the falling out or thinning of the eyelashes.  

When we look for remedies to sort the issues of thinning lashes, many solutions pop-up. You get a lot of options like home remedies and effective natural lash care products that can speed up lash growth and curtail hair fall. When compared, the natural lash care products offer fast and effective results in lesser time. 

Effective Products to Include In Your Lash Care Routine 

Let’s get to know the best products that can guarantee healthy, lengthy and thick eyelashes: 

Lately, many beauty bloggers are coming up with the benefits of using eyelash serums. In fact, social media are even flooded with lash serums using different formulas. Do you want to use one? Here is the product for you- Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eyelash Serum. An intense lash growth stimulator and conditioner made with the finest combination of peptides stem cells and natural conditioners deeply nourish and vitalize the eyelashes. Peptides are much known for their strengthening property, and so when used on the lashes, they become strong, bushy and lustrous. The grape stem cell extracts used in the natural lash serum contain excellent anti-oxidant properties. Our lash serum is crafted after various scientific researches, and so we can assure that this nutrient-rich lash growth stimulating serum is 100% safe and best for fostering hair growth.

Next on the list is the eyelash oil; Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyelash Oil, the oil created exceptionally for eyelashes. The effective blend of plant root extracts and oils makes the product highly rich in nutrients with excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich properties. Including this magical formula in the eyelashes can deeply strengthen the follicles, nourish the lashes and promote hair growth. 

How to Stop Your Lashes from Being Thin and Falling:

Making a few changes and following some tips can guarantee excellent results. Sometimes we do everything but the most important will be often missed out. Some of which are listed below; 

Clean lashes are healthy: Follow a proper cleansing routine for the lashes. Using a mild natural cleanser will be perfect for your eyelashes. 

Balanced Diet: Most times, we often fail to give the proper nutrition required through food. While planning a diet to boost hair growth, include foods rich in biotin, proteins, iron, vitamins and zinc.   

Do not compromise on quality: Use the products; makeup, and lash care products that are of excellent quality and are free from harsh chemicals that cause allergies.  

Avoid techniques and tools that harm the eyelashes: Using extensions and curlers is quite common to make the eyelashes appear beautiful and long. But when used often, these cause severe damage to the lashes. Now to prevent this, limit the use of curlers and falsies frequently. 

We hope and wish you achieve thicker and longer eyelashes using our best lash care products and following these lash care tips.