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Eye Powders for Natural-Looking Flawless Eyebrows

May 04, 2022

Rini Jose

Eye Powders for Natural-Looking Flawless Eyebrows - SavarnasMantra

Those days of thin eyebrows have passed, and it’s now replaced with thick and defined brows. Also, the makeup trends are changing day by day. You get a variety of makeup products to shape, fill and darken your eyebrows. Eyebrow powders, gels, and brow pencils are the most used brow makeup products. Today’s post will shed some light on the eyebrow cosmetic that can instantly enhance your brows, providing a natural look to the eyebrows. It’s nothing but eyebrow powders! 

Eyebrow Powders:

This powder form of brow makeup product is used to cover up the patches between the brow hairs. These, when applied, give color to the skin making the eyebrows look thicker and defined. Thereby, it offers a fuller and darker look to the eyebrows creating a natural look. 

Benefits of Brow Powder

Moving on to its benefits, this product has much more to offer you, and that’s why it remains the most reviewed brow product.  

  • Easy to Use: We don’t want makeup to be time-consuming, especially on hectic mornings. Filling in the eyebrows usually takes some time, but using brow powders, you can ease your task of brow filling. 
  • Gives a softer look to the brows: The brow powders are fine micro powders; when applied on the brow hairs, it provides a soft and smooth look to the eyebrows. 
  • Helps to create a versatile look: The best part of an eyebrow powder is that you can easily create the look you want- whether a naturally soft look or a dramatic one is easily possible. 

How to Use a Brow Powder? 

Filling the eyebrows using an eyebrow powder is quite a simple process. You will need an angled eyebrow brush and a spoolie to create stunning eyebrows using brow powders. 

  • Before starting eyebrow filling, clean the brows to ensure that they are free of any leftover makeup or dirt. 
  • Remove those stray hairs that are out of track. 
  • Next rule is applicable prior to applying any brow makeup product: brushing the eyebrows with a spoolie. 
  • If you want to give an outline to your brows to trace your desired shape. You may either use an eyebrow pencil or even brow powder to give shape with the help of an angled brush. 
  • It’s time to fill up the brows using your eyebrow powder. Make the lightest strokes (mimicking hair-like strokes) using an eyebrow brush to fill in the sparse areas. Go with lighter strokes in the front, and as you get towards the tail, you can make it darker. Once done with the filling process, finish the process by brushing the brows using a spoolie. 

Tips to make your Eyebrows Look Flawless: 

  • To achieve an impeccable look, use a primer prior to applying brow powder; this will also help the product to last longer. 
  • Choosing the correct shade is very important to make the brows look natural. Pick two shades lighter if you have a dark hair color and at least one or two shades darker if your hair color is light brown or blonde.  
  • Using a clear brow gel on the brows after using an eyebrow powder will give a well-defined look to the brows added; it also helps the brow makeup to last longer.