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Does beauty give confidence?

Jul 13, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Does beauty give confidence?

Well, the answer is yes, beauty gives and boosts confidence. Beauty is priceless and it's worth investing in. Many women find looks and beauty very important. Most of us are obsessed with our looks. We try to look beautiful always and stay camera-ready round the clock. This is a common scenario with all the women, be it professionals, homemakers, or superwomen of all age groups. Men are also not behind in this race of being handsome and looking great. This boosts confidence and helps you grab more opportunities. 

Why does beauty give confidence? 

Beauty and confidence will not only make you look pretty but also have a deeper impact on your personality. Beauty impacts the way you speak, look and behave.

Don't believe me. Start a fitness or beauty regime and know the difference in a couple of weeks. You will release happy and feel-good hormones which will up your game of confidence. 

How do good looks give confidence? 

When you think about people who are beauty icons, which could be your friend, acquaintance, or maybe a celebrity, the first thing which comes to your mind is “perfect.” Well, beauty is about being perfect like having flawless and spotless skin or maybe having an even complexion. Everybody has flaws and some imperfections. In this age, the reality is that all beauty problems can be solved. Thanks to scientific advancements in skin and beauty, this is possible now. 

Let us face the fact. If you have acne or uneven skin tone, you may be irritable. This impacts your confidence negatively. No matter how good outfits you wear, skin problems can turn down your persona. So, identify the skin problems and learn to deal with them in the right manner!! 

Skincare essentials V/s Makeup products What gives confidence? 

We all know that the cosmetic and beauty industry is a major thing present across the globe and women are the top consumers. Women use different skin solutions or beauty tools to enhance their beauty. These may include- 

  • Exfoliators
  • Moisturizers
  • Toners
  • Cleansers
  • Serums
  • Peels
  • Face and hair mask
  • Hair oils
  • Conditioners 

Well, the list is endless. Let us not forget the makeup products that top the list. From nail colors to lip colors, women love all makeup and beauty products. These products are used for two reasons- 

  • Hide imperfections
  • Self-expression tools 

But, if you want real flawless beauty, you need to invest in the skincare essentials listed above rather than just makeup products. 

Makeup is joyous too. It reflects your mood. A dash of color on the lip and nails can work wonders and lift your confidence with grace. You will appear more poise and gorgeous with skincare essentials+beauty products

Beauty and Confidence are interrelated 

Is beauty just about vanity? Plenty of research has been done on the topic of the correlation between confidence and beauty. There is a strong relation between beauty and confidence. Confident people are considered charming and this is very true. Beauty with brains provides more chances of getting a good job and better earning capacity. It's a killer combination to hit the world with pride. It is important to be beautiful and improve the chances of a better life with a great future. 

Start investing in your priceless beauty before it's too late. Remember, it is the most precious gift by nature. Every day is important for every girl and remember- “YOU ARE BORN TO BE BEAUTIFUL.”