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Common Skincare Mistakes That Can Harm Your Skin

Nov 03, 2022

Rini Jose

Common Skincare Mistakes That Can Harm Your Skin

Healthy skin is not all about following a skincare routine; it is also about knowing the mistakes we often make with our skin. This is, in fact, more crucial because some skincare mistakes, in the long run, can badly ruin your skin, putting all your efforts in vain. Fret not! Understanding where you are actually going wrong and rectifying it will have a huge impact on your skin. We can help you understand the common mistakes that are repeated while taking care of your skin. Read on;  

Skincare Is a Wide Topic: Understand it better

Caring for your skin is not as simple as you think. The products you use on the skin, what you put into your body, and your daily habits matter a lot and are a part of your skincare. Because after following an elaborate skincare regimen, if you aren’t eating right or not getting enough beauty sleep, it can take a toll on your skin health. 

Similarly, certain do’s and don’ts play a vital role in skincare. The do’s are obviously meant to benefit your skin in many ways. At the same time, the don’ts must be considered seriously and avoided for healthy, glowing, and problem-free skin.  

We’ve curated the five most common mistakes that most people make, knowingly or unknowingly, while following the skincare routine 

Not using the skincare products crafted for your skin 

Though we get to see a lot of beauty influencers introducing a multitude of products that can give you "glowing skin" or "glass skin," they might not be the ones ideal for your skin type. And so, it’s wise to use products with ingredients that work amazingly on your skin. Similarly, using products free of toxins and chemicals is the best thing you can do for your skin. Look for safe, gentle, and skin-friendly ingredients for your skin. And for this, you can’t find better ingredients than natural ingredients. Natural skincare products are a boon to your skin that can improve skin health, boost hydration, treat skin concerns, and safeguard the skin.  

Not following the right order in the correct way 

Have you ever felt that your skin isn’t showing any visible results after using excellent skincare products? It’s mainly because you aren’t following the right order or using it in the best way. Confused about the right order of layering the skincare products? - Follow the simple rule of thumb; go with the order of using the products with lighter consistency to thicker ones. Let’s make it easy; here are the steps to follow; 

  • Cleansing
  • Toning 
  • Treating
  • Moisturizing
  • Sun protection 

If you want to include exfoliation and a face mask, exfoliating the skin after using a toner, followed by applying your favorite rejuvenating face mask, will instantly refresh, revive, and replenish your skin. 

The next mistake is not using the products in the right way. While following a skincare routine, there is no point in rushing through each step. Give proper time for each step; this helps your product penetrate well, providing the best results. For example, cleansing the skin requires at least thirty seconds to eliminate the impurities completely from the skin. Similarly, after each step, wait for the products to absorb well for three to five minutes.  

Frequently touching the skin or picking the zits 

Touching the skin frequently is not recommended as the bacteria on the hand get transferred to the skin and cause numerous skin concerns. Likewise, picking or squeezing out the zit can cause the bacteria to spread to other follicles, affecting the healthy pores and leading to more zits. Besides, picking the zits can even worsen them and lead to stubborn skin scars. 

Being harsh with the skin 

Do you know there are so many habits that are ruining your skin? One of the most common is being harsh with the skin, not purposefully, though. Wondering how and when? While removing makeup, rubbing harshly on the skin, especially while removing eye makeup, can damage the skin. Similarly, rubbing your skin with a towel is another worst habit that can badly irritate and cause micro-tears on the skin. Avoid rubbing the skin; instead, pat it dry.  

Overdoing skincare is harming your skin 

Are you overdoing skincare? Let’s make it clear: do you over-cleanse your face? Over-cleansing is something that your skin can’t bear. It disrupts the natural moisture of the skin and causes dryness on the skin. The same is the case with exfoliating too. But one difference is that over-exfoliating dries the skin, irritates it, causes redness, and even worsens existing skin conditions. 

Hope you are clear about where you are going wrong while caring for the skin. Just a little extra care can make your skincare journey smooth and effective with excellent results. Want to provide the best hydration, nourishment, and protection for your skin? Grab the purest natural skincare products from Savarnas Mantra® to take care of your skin.