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Common Brow Care Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Jan 04, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Common Brow Care Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Mastering a brow care routine is now possible with good and regular practice. Majority of us have mastered applying mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. These are the basic makeup essentials that are quick and instant. However, when it comes to mastering eyebrow makeup and routine, it is not easy to do it. This may result in brow makeup and brow care mistakes. Of course, it gets difficult at times to determine whether you are getting it right or not. Let us check out some common brow care mistakes which we come across in our routine life and how to avoid them.

Common Brow Care Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Did you commit A BROW MISTAKE? Well, mistakes can be rectified with correct solutions and the same goes for brow mistakes as well. The point is to learn from eyebrow mistakes, and avoid them with perfect solutions in the future. This will help you to achieve mastery in eyebrow makeup with a picture-perfect look.

Mistake #1 Over-tweezing the top edge of your brows

Yes, you can get overboard while tweezing your brows in the quest of getting a perfect shape. This can go wrong and mess up the natural shape of your brows. What happens NEXT?- You could just lose your brow arch. 

The Fix: Stay steady and go slow while tweezing your brows. Before going ahead with tweezing the brows, it is important to tame them with a spoolie and brush them well. Also, if your top edge needs to be tame, it is important to consult a brow specialist for threading or waxing of brows. For home maintenance, you can stick to the underneath area of eyebrows and clear off the extras.

Mistake #2 Matching your brow color to your hair exactly

We often tend to choose the perfect brow shade based on our hair color. Well, if you are following the same, it's time to change. This eyebrow mistake is commonly seen with people who dye their hair. It is important to know that eyebrow and hair shades don't have to be an exact match to look good. It is essential to stick to your normal eyebrow hair shade for an outstanding look. Many people tend to dye or bleach their eyebrows with the same shade of hair. In such cases, you need to opt for the correct brow shade. 

The Fix- Pick a shade of brown with a slight tint that goes perfectly with your hair color and is usually considered the best bet. Pay attention to your skin tone and eyebrow hair color while choosing the perfect shade.

Mistake #3 Not filling correctly for sparse brows

Are you dealing with sparse brows? Well, the majority of us switch to eyebrow pencils to fill in sparse brows. We just tend to draw some feathered strokes which may sometimes look unnatural. 

The Fix- Fill sparse brows with eyebrow gel and powder. You do need an eyebrow pencil to outline brows as well. It is important to pick a perfect shade of eyebrow powder and tinted eyebrow gel which will help you fill your eyebrows correctly. Do not forget an eyebrow nourishing oil in your daily routine at night before going to bed. This will help with eyebrow regrowth.

Mistake #4 Keeping brows too short or too long

Keeping eyebrows too short or too long can affect your overall facial aesthetics. It is important to avoid overplucking or too short brows which can make your eyes and nose look too big. On the other hand, eyebrows that extend too far out can shrink your eyes and dominate your face. 

The Fix- The golden rule for eyebrow length is to take your makeup brush or a pencil, line it vertically against the side of your nose and then tilt it away from the side of the nose so that the other end rests on the corner of the eyes. This will give you the perfect length for your brows. Ensure eyebrows extend from the glabella to the temples to cover the entire eye length. 

Mistake #5 Doing brow makeup before face makeup

Remember, your complexion looks different after you have put on foundation or blush. So, it is important to check for your skin tone before you get ahead for brow makeup. 

The Fix: It is important to fill or color your brows at the end to get a complete look blended well while following a makeup routine. This way it will match the rest of the face better.

The Conclusion

It is important to avoid these eyebrow makeup and routine mistakes when shaping or maintaining your brows. Get hold of these eyebrow solutions and practice them daily to achieve perfect craftsmanship for your brows.