Boost your Eyelashes with Eye Lash Serum – SavarnasMantra

Boost your Eyelashes with Eye Lash Serum

Jul 26, 2021

arun pratap

Boost your Eyelashes with Eye Lash Serum - SavarnasMantra

Who doesn’t dream of longer and thicker lashes? I was one among them. But not all are the same; few people are blessed with naturally long and thicker lashes. Though there are plenty of options like curler, mascara, and fake lashes, at times, it seems like nothing is working. From my experience, I got to know that having naturally long lashes is the best. Having tried so many products and natural remedies, I finally found a fantastic serum for my lashes. This is not only my opinion, but I heard the same from many. Yes, I am talking about the Eyelash Serum. They are just magical! Have you heard about this wonder product? Scroll down to know in detail; trust me, you are going to benefit from it.

Before plunging into the eyelash serum, let’s see some tips and tricks that can help to enhance the eyelash serum.

How to boost your eyelashes?

There are many remedies and DIY hacks that are worth trying for healthy, strong lashes. Before trying different methods, it will be good to trace the actual cause of thin lashes or hair fall. Some of the reasons can be poor diet, makeup products like mascara, medicated eye drops, or even frequent rubbing of the lashes. Let’s have a look at some of the effective ways to stimulate eyelash growth. 

Try including oils to the lashes: applying oils can help keep the lashes conditioned and strong. Some of them are Vitamin E oil, Castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil. These natural oils can help them make look fuller and thicker. By regularly using these products, you can keep the lashes moisturized and hydrated. 

Use an Eyelash Serum: Eyelash serums are among the most talked-about product among the various lash products. Though you find many products in the market, check for the right formula and brand before finalizing your product. 

Check on your diet: One of the major reasons for hair fall is lack of essential nutrients. So try to include foods rich in protein and vitamins into your diet. Especially fish like salmon is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. And so they are good for hairs, lashes, and also for nails. 

Comb through your eyelashes: I am sure this sounds silly, but brushing the lashes is one of the best ways to make them look longer, and this can also encourage hair growth.  

Practice massaging your eyelids: As we all know, massaging aids in increasing blood circulation, likewise massaging the eyelid area can help the eyelashes grow faster. 

Apart from these, people take biotin supplements to boost hair growth. However, I suggest you to try natural remedies and quality products before taking any supplements or medications. 

Eyelash Serum and Its Benefits: 

Eyelash serums are specially formulated serum to keep the lashes moisturized and the hair follicles nourished, and hence it helps stimulate eyelash growth. Similarly, people with dry lashes experience severe itching, and they tend to rub the lashes, which results in hair loss and infection. However, using a specific product for eyelashes can help in soothing the skin and tackle dryness. Some of the highlights of eyelash serum are; 

Serum provides the nutrients to the lashes:

The serum delivers all the essential nutrients to the hair follicles and protects the lashes from hair fall and thinning. 

Lash serum helps in strengthening the lashes:

Made with a blend of stem cells, peptides, and conditioners get infused into the hair follicles, strengthening the lashes. 

It aids in thickening the lashes: 

Most of the good-quality eyelash serums contain all the necessary ingredients needed to thicken the eyelashes.  

Provides Complete Moisture to Your Lashes and eyelids:

 Eyelids tend to dry fast due to reduced water content caused by evaporation. Eyelash serums keep the eyelids and lashes moisturized and soft. 

Which is the Best Eyelash Serum and How to use It Effectively? 

Few things have to be confirmed before investing in an eyelash serum

  • It’s wise to look for a product that is enriched with natural ingredients and vitamins. This will be more effective and reduces the side effects. 
  • Look for a good brand while choosing products for skin care. Quality brands offer excellent quality products which can bring in amazing results. 
  • Serums are products that have to be used regularly for the best results. And so, try to include this product in your daily skincare routine - AM & PM. 
  • Be cautious while applying the product on the lids; ensure that the product doesn’t get into your eyes. Try to wash off immediately if the serum gets into the eyes by mistake. And apply only a small amount of product on your upper eyelids. 

Want to know about the best eyelash serum that boosts your lashes? Here is the product for you. 

Savarnas Mantra® Eyelash Serum

Savarnas Mantra’s Eyelash Serum is one of the customer’s favorite products and truly a best-seller. If you want to give that extra care to your lased to get your dream eyelashes, this product is a must-try. Our eyelash serum is power-packed with a blend of stem cells, peptides and conditioners. It keeps your lashes moisturized and nourished. In addition, they can make your lashes look longer, stronger and more voluminous.

Savarnas Mantra® we focus on creating the best quality skincare products, eye care products and lash care products. Our products are infused with effective ingredients that can make wonders on your skin.