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Blemish Treatment: Instant Solution to Tackle the Acne Pop-Ups

Aug 13, 2021

Dan Singh

Blemish Treatment: Instant Solution to Tackle the Acne Pop-Ups - SavarnasMantra

Everybody dreams about clean, clear and bright skin. At the same time, acne and blemishes are the two scariest words for all of us. The benefit of clear skin is, it requires less makeup, and you look flawless. Whereas a face with acne and blemishes needs to be loaded with makeup, but sadly, even the best foundations and concealers cannot cover them. The wisest option will be to find the perfect solution to eliminate the blemishes in such situations. To get rid of acne blemishes, all you need is the right products and a perfect skincare routine. 

In this article, we will be defining blemishes, the various types and some amazing tips and a wonderful product to help you get rid of blemishes. Keep reading. 

How Can You Define A Blemish? 

In simple words, blemishes are the marks or spots that are seen on the skin. Some also describe it as tiny, inflamed bumps on the skin. Blemishes are of different types; some of them are listed below; 

  • Acne:

It is a common skin condition that occurs as a result of too much oil production. It can be due to various reasons, mainly hormonal changes, overactive oil glands or health conditions like stress, depression or anxiety. 

  • Blackheads & White Heads:

These are common skin concerns for many; it is caused by the clogged pores with excess oil, bacteria etc. if the pores are open and are filled with dirt, it forms blackheads, whereas a closed pore with a small white-colored round blemish is called as whiteheads.  

  • Acne Cysts:

These appear to be swollen, red, large and very painful. Once these bumps are healed, they leave scars on the skin. 

  • Papules:

Papules are generally small, inflamed and red bumps developed by bacteria, dead cells and excess oil. They are also known as pimples. 

  • Pustules:

Have you ever faced bumps filled with pus on the skin? Almost similar to papules, but these are filled with yellowish fluids or, at times, white pus. These occur as an aftereffect of bacteria, oil and dead skin cells, which in turn causes infection on the skin. 

Apart from these, some of the other facial blemishes are hyperpigmentation, melisma, cold sores, birthmarks and age spots, etc. 

What are the Causes of Blemishes?

Many causes can lead to different types of facial blemishes. Some of the major causes are listed below; 

Hormonal Changes:

Most of the blemishes are caused by acne, which is occurred by hormonal changes due to the high level of androgens. 

Exposure to Sun:

It’s a known fact that sun exposure leads to many skin blemishes. When the skin is exposed to direct sunlight, the melanin-producing cells become overactive and make the skin darker.  

Lack of Proper Diet:

Healthy eating gifts you with healthy skin and a healthy body. Similarly, an unhealthy diet affects the skin the most. Consuming more oily foods, fried stuff, and junk food will cause acne on the skin and worsens existing ones. 

Health Conditions:

Did you know? Stress levels lead to skin problems? Stress levels are one of the major reasons for skin problems.   


Sometimes, the cause of blemishes can be due to bacterial or viral infections. Some blemishes which are caused by bacterial infections take much time and effort to fade away. 

“Prevention is better than cure”-before moving on to the treating process, let’s have a look at the steps to follow to avoid it 

Best Ways to Prevent Blemishes: 

  • Ensure that your body gets proper sleep
  • Follow healthy eating habits
  • Exercise regularly
  • Choose the best and natural products for skin care and follow a good skincare routine.
  • Live a happy and stress-free life. 

How To Treat A blemished Skin? 

By now, most of you know about blemishes and their causes. It’s time to reveal some tips that work on treating blemishes.  

  • Keep your hands away from blemishes:

One of the common habits seen is touching the blemishes; avoid touching them because you tend to spread the bacteria by touching the skin. 

  • Face Scrubs Can Help:

Using a face scrub can help to keep your skin free from all the dirt and impurities. While choosing an exfoliator, go for a mild one, preferably a natural product that is good and gentle on the skin.  

  • Follow an effective skincare routine:

Following a proper skincare routine can help in controlling skin problems to a great extent. One thing to keep in mind while following a routine is to be consistent and give time for the products to work on your skin. Try choosing natural over synthetic products when it comes to treating your skin.  

  • Consult a Dermatologist:

If you find that the products aren’t working on your skin and feel you need expert help, it's best to go for an appointment with your dermatologist for expert advice. 

Savarnas Mantra® Best Blemish Treatment

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Blemish Treatment is undoubtedly a magical treatment that can work wonders to clear off the blemishes on your skin. 


  • It helps in drying and unclogging the affected pores
  • Aids in reducing swelling and skin irritation
  • Possess the pimple zapping formula hence offers excellent and quick results
  • Reduces blemishes providing a clean and clear skin 

Our Natural Blemish Treatment cream is made with the most effective and best natural ingredients like witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Menthol.