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Best Tips to Care For Your Lips

Jul 26, 2022

Rini Jose

Best Tips to Care For Your Lips

Those colored kiss-proof lipsticks can make your lips look fabulous. True, when applied to the lips, lipsticks can give a fresh and brighter look to your entire face. But at the same time, have you ever tried lipsticks on chapped lips? Surely, most of you would've experienced it. It's the reason why everybody loves those pinkish and smooth lips, and for this, you need to invest some time in a lip care routine. Yes, those lovely and plump lips are easily possible if you spare some time caring for them. Explore how to care for your lips and achieve those baby soft lips; Scroll on; 

Why Should You Follow a Lip Care Routine? 

The skin on the lips is much more thin and delicate than on the face, making it more susceptible to damage. Moreover, it is more exposed to UV rays, pollution and other harsh chemicals from the makeup products you use on the lips leading to various concerns. When you follow a proper lip care routine, it helps to prevent these problems and keep the lips soft and healthy.  

It's important to identify the common problems that affect your beautiful lips to give the right care to them. Some of them include; 

  • Chapped Lips: It's commonly caused by the dryness on the lips due to weather changes, UV exposure, etc.  
  • Sore Lips: Also known as cold sores, they are viral infections. Small, fluid-filled blisters may develop around your lips when you have sore lips. 
  • Split Lips: When your lips are more exposed to dry air, sun, or cold air, lips tend to crack or split. It's an open cut on the lip that can bleed and are painful too. 
  • Lip Thinning: This is a common concern that occurs due to aging. Yes, lack of collagen is one of the major reasons behind thinning of lips.  

Though these concerns can't be completely prevented, indulging in a regular lip care routine can keep these concerns at bay.  

Tips to Care for Your Beautiful Lips 

Wanna get started with your lip care journey? Here are some of the easiest tips; 

Keep them clean

Like the skin on the face, the skin on the lips does deserve to be clean. Also, when left on the skin, those tough waterproof lipsticks may cause various problems to the lips. So, while cleansing your skin, ensure that the lips are also cleansed well and are free of any dirt, makeup and impurities.  

Exfoliate the lips

We're sure about when and how to exfoliate the skin. But are you exfoliating the lips regularly? If not, it's high time to consider this crucial step to keep your lips smooth and free of dead skin cells. Scrub your lips once or twice a week; you may use a mild lip scrub or try an easy DIY scrub from your favorite beauty blogger.  

Use a sunscreen

 The lips are more exposed to harmful UV rays, so it's a must to use an SPF for the lips. You may use a lip balm with UV protection or use lipsticks with SPF.  

Keep your lips hydrated at night

Keeping the lips hydrated throughout the night will help you wake up to soft, plump, supple lips the next morning and also helps prevent chapped lips. And for this, you needn't take a lot of effort; applying a hydrating and nourishing lip balm before bedtime is more than enough to keep them hydrated the whole night. 

Drink plenty of water

To keep the lips healthy, keeping yourself hydrated inside out is much important. If you aren't drinking enough liquids, it causes dehydration to the body and lip problems like chapped lips. So, make it a point to add plenty of liquids, mainly water and juices, to keep your lips, skin and whole body hydrated.   

Massage your lips

Massaging the lips helps promote blood circulation and gifts you naturally glossy lips. 

Avoid licking the lips

Those dry lips can be really irritating; it's when you tend to lick your lips. However, this will not help; instead, it causes lip problems in the long run. Because the saliva evaporates faster from the lips and makes them drier, leading to chapped and flaky lips, and so, avoid the habit of licking your lips and opt for a moisturizing lip balm to prevent the lips from drying out.  

Choose quality products for your lips

If you are obsessed with lipsticks and use them daily, you should invest in good quality lipstick, possibly with SPF. Similarly, never apply your lipstick directly onto the skin without sealing your lips with a lip balm. Using a lip balm not only protects the lips but also makes it easier to apply lipstick by providing a smooth base. 

Instant lip plumpers are the next products people love to use on the lips. If you want to plump your lips and make them look attractive instantly, look for a product free of harsh ingredients- natural instant lip plumper will be the best choice. Natural instant lip plumper uses peptides and added vitamins that protect your lips and provide fuller and plump lips- for a perfect pout. 

Hope these tips will benefit you to pamper your lips in the right way. Kick-start your lip care routine to achieve that baby soft pink and plump lips that can make you smile more confidently.