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Best Secret For Growing Lengthy and Thick Eyelashes

Feb 22, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Best Secret For Growing Lengthy and Thick Eyelashes - SavarnasMantra

Lengthy, thick, and dense eyelashes are every woman’s dream. Eyes are windows to your soul and eyelashes provide deep definition to your eyes. Growing thick eyelashes is not an easy job. We are all aware that care and commitment are needed for hair growth. We also need to be a little patient with it. 

You might have surfed the internet about ”Best Secret For Growing Lengthy and Thick Eyelashes” many times. You might have come across various trending hacks for thicker eyelashes. 

Tried many, I am sure? But, the question arises, “Were you successful in finding the Best Lash Growth Secret or Formula?” The clear answer to this is RESULTS & PERFORMANCE- DRIVEN SCIENTIFIC NATURAL PRODUCTS for thick eyelashes. 

Let us go into the basics of eyelashes and understand them. Also, In this blog, we will be introducing a performance and result-oriented product line for your eyelashes that is based on a scientific-based approach. 

What is an eyelash? 

The scientific term for eyelash is “Cilia” which is also known as the hair that grows on the edge of eyelids. There is very fine and vellus hair which signifies beauty. 

The role of your eyelash 

Do you know why you blink often?- Yes, for protection. 

There is scientific evidence and reason for it. Apart from beauty, the main function of these eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dust or any object that comes closer to your eyes. This is the reason to blink. 

Just for your information, the human eye blinks 15- 20 times per minute which is considered normal. 

Expressing emotions and love- Yes, for attraction  

Being a woman, I am sure all of us know how innocently we tend to battle eyelashes when we are attracted. Yes, it is normal to bat eyelashes when expressing love and care. 

Now, you know why lashes are considered as a “sign of beauty.” I am sure you are waiting to read more and finally end that quest for thick eyelashes. Let us jump directly into the ”Best Secret For Growing Lengthy and Thick Eyelashes.” Here are some best scientifically proven research based secrets which are hidden from the world. Savarnas Mantra takes pride in introducing scientifically formulated products for eyelashes which define your beauty. Our main objective is to rediscover the inner beauty within you through attractive eyes. 

What is the best secret for thicker eyelashes? 

Thinking, we are going to list some home remedies like the most google searched “castor oil” OR maybe “ Aloe vera gel.” Absolutely NOT. Please read this from our BEAUTY MANTRA at Savarnas Mantra. 

Secret #1 Do not self-experiment 

I know many of us look out for natural care and turn to our kitchen for this. Natural care is a good idea but do not try on your own. By this we mean, do not self-experiment. If you are thinking of natural care, this means you are on the right track. It is important to turn to “Natural scientific based medically tested and clinically proven products for eyes. 

Some natural products are well researched and provide evidence- based solutions. Invest in these products as they assure your natural care with health and no side effects. 

Secret #2 Do not try home remedies for your eyes 

Castor oil or coconut oil is widely used for thicker eyelashes. Overuse of any oil can cause clogged pores and lead to- 

  • Swelling of eyelids
  • Redness of eyelids
  • Itchy eyes
  • Allergy to eyes

These are just eye symptoms. Not just this, it may cause recurrent problems complications like- 

  • Chalazion
  • Styes
  • Blepharitis
  • Lacrimal duct obstruction
  • Eye infections
  • Boils and pustules of eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Loss of vision and many more. 

These can be difficult to treat. So, it is our request not to try these home remedies without professional guidance on our eyes as they are very sensitive and prone to eye problems. 

Secret #3 Invest in Special designed formulation eye products for makeup and eyecare 

Choose eye products especially designed for the eye. The best suited ones are natural scientific formulations as eyes are sensitive and precious. 

Secret #4 Anti-aging eye care natural products 

Sometimes with age, your eyelashes start getting thinner than before. This can also happen because of some conventional chemical-based makeup products. With increasing age, there is a lack of moisture inside your body and your hormones also become imbalanced. When there is a change in your hormones, your hair growth slows down. 

Due to this your lashes also become thinner than before. But there is no need to panic because there are many ways with the help of which you can increase your eyelashes. Before it's too late to recover those eyelashes, switch to natural eye care for your lashes and intensify with beauty. Turn to Savarnas Mantra Natural Eyelash Oil 

Secret #5  Use Lashes Growth Serum 

There are many such serums available in the market, using which you can make your eyelashes thicker than before. These serums provide such nourishment to your eyelashes, with the help of which your hair growth increases rapidly. 

Stay away from conventional mascara which has silicones and chemical products which stiffen the lashes. These chemical-laden mascara can be difficult to remove and may cause side effects in the long run. Gift yourself A Lash growth serum from Savarnas Mantra

Still not convinced and crazy for eye mascara !! Read further 

Secret #7 Apply Mascara According to the Eyelashes 

If you are going on a night party or date, then apply mascara well on the eyelashes.  This method is the most commonly used. There are different types of mascaras available in the market for long and short eyelashes. Buy it according to your eyelashes and apply it properly. 

If you have been using your conventional mascara, it's time to switch to natural ones today, which has a dual effect- 

  1. Instant fix for thicker and more beautiful eyelashes
  2. Natural growth factor with peptides 

Thinking, Is it possible- Yes, Savarnas Mantra Natural Mascara with 3D Fibers 

The best part of this product is that it does not look fake and clumpy with no side effects. 

Wondering how to remove it? Well, easily removable with Savarnas Mantra Natural Makeup Remover. 

Also, for best results, these 3D fibers are not to be reused and provide you with around 80 applications. And, trust me, this is completely natural !!! 

Secret #8 Use a Good Makeup Remover: 

As you know, when you rub off the makeup, your eyelashes come off along with the makeup, due to which your eyelashes look very thin. Therefore, you should use a good brand of makeup remover that does not harm your eyelashes in any way preferably a Natural Makeup Remover. 

Secret #9 Don't rub your eyelashes 

If your eyelashes are less dense, then do not rub them at all. Stop rubbing the eyelashes, it will  reduce the breakage and become dense.

Also, be gentle while removing eye makeup and eye mascara. 

Secret #10 Do not apply skin moisturizer for eyes 

To make the eyelashes look heavy and dense, people apply skin moisturizer on them, this will make them look thick and dark. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make your eyelashes heavy and thick. But, kindly do not try this, as this may affect the eyes and cause a negative impact. The moisturizers have various chemicals which can harm the eyes. 

So, indulge in these tips to make your eyelashes healthy, beautiful, and thicker today. Stay connected with Savarnas Mantra for more such beauty secrets !!!