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Best Nourishing Lash Oil

Sep 20, 2018

Savarnas Mantra

Best Nourishing Lash Oil - SavarnasMantra

Want those healthy, long eyelashes?

We all want those healthy, long, curly eyelashes that make you look amazing. People notice your eyes and fall in love with them when you have such eyelashes. But do we know everything about our eyelashes? Well, let’s check out.

What is eyelash?

They are hair that grows on the edges of our eyelids. These eyelashes are associated with various glands called glands of Zeis and glands of Moll. The eyelashes play an extremely important role in keeping dirt and dust away from the eyes, thereby protecting the eyes by forming a hindrance.

Are lash hair and scalp hair similar?

Certainly not, lash hair is different from scalp hair. The major difference is that the roots of the lash hair are close to the skin surface. This helps the oil to reach the roots easily, which helps easily cure the problems related to lash hair growth.

Normally, the follicle of the lash hair is open. The nutrients can freely enter and promote hair growth. However, if there is build up of wax, then the follicle gets blocked. This causes hindrance for the nutrients to enter.

But why does lash follicle gets blocked?

The lash follicle gets blocked due to the following reasons:

  • Poor diet
  • Inflammation of the skin
  • Over plucking over the years

What causes lash follicle to become dry?

Due to aging, the production of oil decreases. The oil gland eventually dries up. It then stops providing lubrication to the hair. This results into brittle lashes.

So to provide you with healthy, long and well moisturized eyelashes, we at Savarnas Mantra have carefully developed Eyebrow Nourishing Oil It helps in the following ways:

  • The Nourishing Lash Oil dissolves wax buildup near the lash follicle.
  • The Lash oil is rich in nutrients thereby providing the hair shaft with essential nutrition needed for health.
  • The oil gives moisturization and soothes the lash hair.
  • The oil softens as well as thickens the lashes.

But there are so many lash oils available in the market, so why should you choose Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Lash Oil? Because in our Lash Oil we have added all the natural oils. These help provide nourishment to your lashes, without causing any side effects. Moreover, we have tested the lash oil for skin irritants.

  • Nourishing Lash Oil by Savarnas Mantra combines the goodness of seed oils and plant extracts.
  • It is based on an ancient formula for hair health.
  • It is nutrient rich oil which thereby promotes the growth and health of your old lashes. Along with this, it also helps the growth of new lashes.
  • The moisturizing quality of the lash oil helps turn the lashes into soft and healthy hair.
  • The  Nourishing Lash Oil contains Marshmallow plant root that has antioxidant properties.
  • The horsetail plant extract is used as a hair remedy since ancient times.

So Buy Now Nourishing Lash Oil and enjoy the benefits of these natural ingredients that help provide nourishment to your lash hair. Buy Now and make the heads turn to see the long, healthy lashes that is every woman’s charm.