Best Eyelash Serum for Your Longest Lashes Ever – SavarnasMantra

Best Eyelash Serum for Your Longest Lashes Ever

Feb 09, 2022

Bhavini Desai

Best Eyelash Serum for Your Longest Lashes Ever - SavarnasMantra

Everybody dreams of long eyelashes, ones that are thick and glossy. But for most of us, it takes long hours of makeup to achieve that. Even then, we need the support of falsies and fake eyelashes. But now the world of beauty products has reached a stage where you can achieve your own long lashes by just taking care of them, and nourishing them with a good serum. If you are looking for just this kind of product then this is it. Here is the best eyelash serum for your longest lashes ever.

 Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eyelash Serum

From a brand that is championing the concept of natural skincare products, comes this intense lash serum. It is a growth stimulator and soothing conditioner, nourishing your very delicate eyelashes just as delicately. This serum is made with a combination of stem cells, energising conditioners, and peptides that help you achieve naturally long and thick eyelashes. 

The peptides present in this lash serum work to strengthen your lashes. Peptides also make your eyelashes long, sleek and voluminous. Just the result you want! And added to this formulation is grape stem cell extract that has excellent anti-oxidant properties. This formula has been medically tested and clinically proven. 

Natural Ingredients: Panthenol, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Cell Extract, Cellulose Gum, etc. 

Benefits of Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eyelash Serum:

  • It penetrates your eyelash follicles and stimulates hair growth
  • It also smoothens lash cuticles and nourishes the hairs
  • Gives shine to your eyelashes
  • Keeps your eyelids healthy
  • Promotes better hair growth
  • Moisturises your lashes 

How to use:

  • It is recommended that you add this eyelash serum to your evening/night skincare
  • This lash serum works best when left to nourish the lashes through the
  • Make sure to clean all eye makeup and wash your face with a good face
  • Clean your eyelids and eyelashes well before applying the eyelash
  • Apply the serum from base to tip of your lashes using the applicator
  • Apply on both — your upper eyelids as well as your lower
  • And then while you sleep, the serum works on your 

If dull, short, and fine eyelashes have been your problem for the longest time, then do not hesitate from getting this eyelash serum. Your eyelashes can transform into thick, long, and glossy  beauties with regular and consistent use of this serum. It is an expertly crafted product that is also

natural, cruelty-free, and good for the environment. What are you waiting for? Start nourishing your eyelashes now!