A guide to dealing with breakouts during periods – SavarnasMantra

A guide to dealing with breakouts during periods

May 15, 2022

Rini Jose

A guide to dealing with breakouts during periods - SavarnasMantra

Most often, periods are a nightmare for many because of the cramps they cause. Likewise, breakouts during this time is worrying than the cramps during periods. It is when; you feel that your skincare products or DIYs aren’t working well on the skin. You must be already tired of searching for solutions to prevent or treat the breakouts that pop up on your skin during the periods. Knowing how to deal with breakouts and following the right treatment methods during the periods can help you maintain clean and clear skin even after your period’s time. Here’s a perfect guide to help you deal with breakouts during menstruation. Scroll down; 

Periods Acne/Breakouts: What is it? 

As known to all, during the time of the menstrual cycle, there is a fluctuation in the hormonal levels. This is one of the major causes of breakouts on your skin during the time of periods.  

Several hormones control the menstrual cycle in the body. The first half of the cycle is dominated by estrogen and the second half by progesterone. Before the menstrual cycle, your body experiences a rise in estrogen levels which stimulates oil production. This excess oil or sebum can clog the pores, causing breakouts on the skin.  

Menstrual Acne: Where Does It Occur? 

Not all the breakouts on the skin are caused due to menstruation. The acne or breakouts during the periods are commonly found near the cheeks, chin area, neck, and jawline. These breakouts can be tiny or large, inflamed, reddish, most often like a cyst. They cause pain and even tempt you to squeeze them- do not squeeze or pop them as it may become worse and can cause scars on the skin. 

How to Treat Breakouts during Periods?

Moving on to the treatments, there are numerous options, including topical creams, oral contraceptives, home remedies, etc. 

Periods Breakouts; Topical Treatments: 

In most cases, menstrual acne is mild and can be treated with topical treatments like creams, solutions, gels, etc.  

  • Salicylic acid;

It is an effective option to treat acne that occurs during periods. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is found effective in controlling acne symptoms. You may either choose a cleanser that contains salicylic acid or use creams to treat the acne on the skin. 

  • Benzoyl peroxide 

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most preferred and recommended options to treat period breakouts. They are available in creams and gel forms. Using benzoyl peroxide can help soothe redness and reduce swelling.  

Side effects: Benzoyl peroxide is not suitable for all skin types. It may cause a burning sensation. Tingling or dryness on certain skin types.  

  • Retinoid

Derived from Vitamin A, Retinoid are found effective in treating period breakouts.  

Note: It’s always recommended to take an opinion from your Medical practitioner before trying these topical creams on the skin. 

Want to treat period breakouts? Follow these steps; 

  • Avoid touching the skin:It is important to follow this rule not only during breakouts but all the time. Keep your hands away from your skin because the dirt and bacteria can worsen the skin condition or cause pimples on the skin.  
  • Keep the skin clean: Wash the face twice a day and keep the skin clean from sweat and dirt. 
  • Choose light makeup:It is good to avoid using heavy makeup like foundation and concealers on the skin when your skin is irritated, as it can aggravate the skin condition and even clog the pores. 

Natural Remedies to Treat Periods Acne: 

  • Tea Tree Oil: 

We have heard a lot about the benefits of tea tree oil for the skin. It has amazing power to treat and control acne on the skin. While using tea tree oil, one point to keep in mind is that never use it on the skin without diluting. You can mix it with carrier oil before applying it onto your skin. 

  • Honey:

Another best natural ingredient that can keep your skin free from impurities, soothe the skin, reduce redness, and control acne. It is rich in Vitamin B, antioxidants, amino acids, etc. Honey can kill acne-causing bacteria because of its antimicrobial properties. Using honey on the skin can keep your skin clean and moisturized.  

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant with excellent skin benefits. It has high anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It not only helps in soothing irritated skin but also helps in keeping the breakouts at bay.  

When to Consult a Doctor? 

Breakouts are normal during the menstrual cycle. But there are certain conditions where you need to seek the help of a medical practitioner. Some of them are; 

  • Before taking any oral contraceptive for treating acne
  • When you find dark patches on the skin, especially on the neck and back.
  • If the acne is not responding to on-the-counter or natural remedies.
  • Irregular periods 
Many hormonal changes happen to the body during periods. Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and a consistent and systematic skincare routine can help your skin deal with the problems happening to your skin during the menstrual cycle.