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6 Myths Busted About Skincare

Jun 14, 2022

Bhavini Desai

6 Myths Busted About Skincare

Beauty is very personal, and we all have our ways of applying skincare products. Right from choosing a cleanser to applying a sunscreen, we feel we know it all. But we all somewhere are living in a bubble, if we claim we know everything about skincare. Some women choose to believe in what they hear, and the rest fall for false advertising. That’s why we, as a natural skincare brand are here to throw some light on skincare myths that you believe to be true! 

MYTH#1 Natural skincare products are not that effective

Natural, organic, and vegan products are on the rise. This year, more than any other, has seen a tremendous rise in natural skincare ranges. It is because women are becoming more mindful of the long-term effects of chemical products.

Imagine infusing your skin with harmful chemicals day after day to see immediate results that will fade off eventually. When we layer our skin with toxic ingredients, the skin gets depleted of oxygen and its natural process of breathing gets interrupted. It affects the health of skin cells and its ability to nurture.

Organic products may give results in due course of time, but it are concentrated with vitamins and naturally sourced ingredients that work on your skin gently and effectively. The percentage of natural extracts is higher in organic products that give better results without causing any damage. Yes, the shelf-life may be lesser as compared to the ones with preservatives, but be assured that the skin will thank you later.

Watch out for parabens, sulfates and other toxins in products that can strip the moisture off your skin. Some skin might be sensitive to chemicals, and some skin might react badly with redness and bumps with toxicity of chemicals.

All Savarnas Mantra Skin Care Products are made from the highest quality ingredients. The active ingredients are derived from pure plant-based natural ingredients. The products are cruelty free & there is no animal testing. 

MYTH #2 It is ok to use a cleanser to remove makeup.

It may be convenient, but it is advised not to use a cleanser to remove makeup, as there may be makeup that is long-wearing, waterproof that may smudge while washing the face. To remove stubborn makeup, we need to use a formula that dissolves the makeup with ease without causing any rubbing or tugging of the skin. There is a reason make-up removers make the game easy.

Choose a Natural Makeup Remover that is oil-free and has gentle cleansing ingredients. It leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. Savarnas Mantra makeup remover has no harsh preservatives and contains only a natural preservative derived from radish root that is excellent for the skin and removes last traces of makeup. This will keep your skin from breaking out or rashes caused by any makeup trace. 

MYTH #3 Vitamin C serum only brightens the skin

Yes, it does! But that’s not it. It is rich in antioxidant and protects the skin from radical damage caused by environmental aggressors. Serums are lightweight and seep into the skin faster and better, making it excellent for skin protection.

Vitamin C reduces hyperpigmentation, dark spots, scars. It can be used as a treatment to fade away skin pigments. Next time you can use a Vitamin C serum instead of searching for an anti-pigmentation cream.  

Excellent at brightening skin tone and dull complexion. A vitamin C serum that works towards anti-ageing. Try Savarnas Mantra Age-defying Vitamin C Serum improves elasticity in the skin. 

MYTH #4 Lash extensions are the only alternative to falling lashes.

Fluttery, long lashes are every girl’s dream! It is the holy grail of makeup. But did you know regular use can also make the lashes fragile and more prone to breakage? Using eyelash curlers and mascara doubles-up and weakens the hair follicles.

As tempting as lash extensions have become as a permanent makeup alternative, it are not the only alternative. Regular use of eyelash growth oil can promote hair growth, making it thicker, longer, and fuller. Try Savarnas Mantra Eyelash Oil infused with extracts from the horsetail plant which stimulates the circulation of blood, strengthens hair follicles, and thereby boosts hair growth. 

MYTH #5 We can skip using a toner in our skincare regimen.

Just cleansing is enough? No, you need to close the pores and seal the deal of the skin. We give u 4 reasons to believe this:

  1. Cleanser: Cleans. Toner: Refreshes
  2. Cleanser: Washes away dirt, grime. Toner: Removes the last trace of it
  3. Cleanser: Cleans the pores. Toner: Reduces the size of pores
  4. Cleanser: Strips moisture from the skin. Toner: Maintains pH balance of the skin.

Use a toner every day to balance skin, shrink pores and prep skin for moisturization. 

MYTH #6 Skin ageing is genetic and cannot be reversed.

Have you heard of early signs of aging? These occur even before 35 years of age. Fine lines are too fine to be ignored easily and overlooked. Overexposure to sun, pollution can cause skin to get dull and dry. That’s when signs of premature aging set in. Look out for sunspots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone; fine lines around the lips and eyes that start to develop.

But the good news is you can reverse them if you start taking good care of your skin. Start investing on your skin now. Use a moisturizer every day and night. A good moisturizer can transform dry skin and moisturize it well.  It will smoothen skin surface, beat dullness and bring out radiance. Help in fading signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles by increasing collagen production in the skin.