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5 Signs You Need To Switch Your Skincare Products

Jun 27, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

5 Signs You Need To Switch Your Skincare Products

If your skincare stopped working, there is a great need to switch your skincare products right away!!! Just changing your skin routine won't help. You might need to switch over completely to make your skin look beautiful yet again. You need to hit on the refresh button which may help in a complete makeover of the skin. 

Are your skincare products working for you?

Do you need a complete switch for perfect skin?

When is the perfect time to change your products?

What should I look out for in the new products?

And many more questions might hit your mind….

These are some common questions which might be ticking your mind. Well, that's normal when your skincare is not working and you need to find a solution. We, Savarnas Mantra will shed some light on how you can know whether it's time to switch over your skincare products? We will also give you a list of signs on which you need to keep an eye. 

What do I need to know before switching over to skincare products? 

Well, the answer is- KNOW EVERYTHING!!! 

We tend to make many permutations and combinations ( trial and error, I mean) before nailing down our favorite and holy grail skincare products. And why not? We always want the best for our skin and make it a perfect ritual with good results. 

However, before switching the skin care products, we need to keep certain things in mind- 

  • List down our skin concerns
  • Know your skin type
  • Evaluate the skin
  • Know the skin product ingredients
  • Know the kind of products you use
  • Know your needs
  • Know what suits
  • Tailor down all your concerns
  • Know your age
  • Know how your skin reacts
  • Know the environmental factor
  • Know your hormones
  • Know your internal condition. 

Easy guide - 5 signs you need to switch your skincare 

We will share an easy guide to understand whether the skincare products are working or not. The entire point of a skincare routine is to make your skin glow. Look out for these 5 possible signs which will suggest to you that you need an updated new version for your skincare- 

Sr. No


Sign #1

You have been using the same products since high school

Sign #2

Your skin stops showing positive results

Sign #3

You are overly layering skin with too many products

Sign #4

You are following the same skincare routine despite the season change

Sign #5

You have new skin problems and concerns


Well, if you notice these signs, it's time to change. 

How should I bring on positive change to the skin? 

Keep these factors in mind before making the best choice for your new skincare routine 

Age factor 

Let us not forget the age factor. A 20+ young girl needs different skincare products as compared to a 30+ adult female. This is very true. Age factor plays a major role as your skin is constantly changing. Sticking to the same skincare product is good but “a positive change” is needed for an hour to see good skin results. 

Seasonal factor 

Another factor which you need to look out for is the season. Summer needs a more cooling effect for the skin along with nonoily and non-sweaty skin care products which won't clog pores. However, on the other hand, winter needs products that can moisturize skin and keep dryness away. 

Number of skincare products used 

If you have multiple skin concerns, then you need to be gentle on the skin. Keep minimum and best skincare products handy. 

Keep simple and natural with a holistic approach to the skin. Your skin needs nourishment with nutritive elements and vitamins which will provide you internal radiance.