Our highly pigmented and long-lasting Eyebrow Gel in Black Brown provides you with perfectly shaped brows while it conditions and helps to promote overall hair growth. With its blendable fibers and buildable formula, it instantly adds volume and provides you with thicker, fuller looking, perfectly defined brows.                                                                                                                        

Key Benefits:
   • Easy-to-use applicator with a volumizing fiber blendable formula.
   • Helps to promote overall hair growth. 
   • Waterproof, smudge proof, and non-flaking for long-lasting defined brows.
   • Instantly fills and tints for fuller looking brows.

why our customers love this product

All black- and brown-haired ladies, buy this gel!

I have used their dark brown as well as black gel. But I feel Savarnas hit jackpot with their black-brown eyebrow gel. Such an inclusive color for most eyebrows. I would know, my 3 daughters have all different shades of brown, moving towards black. And recently while we were getting ready for a wedding together, the 4 of us shared the same brow gel. It was seamless and natural for all of us!


Works well with micro bladed eyebrows

I got microblading a year ago and don’t feel like going for a touch up. There is mild fading but this Savarnas Mantra black brown gel hips cover it up so well, that I think I will not spend on a redo anymore. This gel is enough.


I liked it, no. I love it!

My go-to. I will keep repurchasing as it is something I cannot leave home without.


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